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Here you can find safe downloads (which seems to becoming an issue with some of the other mirror sites which re-bundle things without permission, etc) of the Winamp 5.666 Build 3516 installer (the last AOL provided version of Winamp). For additional information and offical updates see here.

For those interested in the different Winamp versions see here (note: this is a work in progress and was only started on 21st November 2014).

Update: 17 November 2014
I've uploaded patched versions of the installers which now include the required plug-in updates as well as stripping out things which no longer work correctly.

Patched Installer Downloads (Recommended)

(These are not officially built installers but they contain the required update patches and removes a few things that no longer work post-sale)

Changes compared to the original installers:
  • Includes both of the in_mp3 and JTFE update patches
    • Hardly anyone is downloading them and wonder why 5.666 is crashing for them!
  • Removed all Gracenote provided dlls since Winamp no longer has access to the Gracenote services
    • Loss of the Gracenote functionality breaks CDDB lookups, Auto-Tagger and Playlist Generator
  • Removed Auto-tagger (ml_autotag.dll) plug-in
  • Removed Playlist Generator (ml_plg.dll) plug-in
    • For some it may still work depending on the existing local playlist generator database but for most it is not even able to initialise to start using it
  • Removed Winamp Detector browser plug-ins
    • These weren't installed by default in 5.666 anyway and are useless now post-sale
  • Includes 'fixed' notifier.png for the Bento skins
    • See here for the related forum thread
  • Includes 'fixed' notif-bg-alpha.png for the Winamp Modern skin
    • See here for the related forum thread
  • The installers are not signed but any originally signed exe / dll files are within the installers
    • I do not have the means to sign them and doing so would not be the correct thing to do anyway

Original Installer Downloads

(These do not contain the update patches and you need to install them yourself)

Update Patches

(For Winamp 5.666 build 3516 only. Use these if not using the patched installer)

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