Enhancer DSP Compatibility Wrapper

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Here you can find my wrapper for the Enhancer DSP plug-in which attempts to resolve some compatibility issues it has with Vista / Windows 7 and newer Winamp client versions - is unable to save settings correctly or run without causing regsitry access errors and a few other usability issues.

Why make this? There's been a large number of people posting about issues with the plug-in on the Winamp forums and due to the popularity of the plug-in it made sense to try to do something to fix the issues (easier to do if there was source code but it's feasible to do a wrapper to act as an in-between stage between Winamp and the plug-in to get things working correctly.

The original author's site is http://www.i-adrian.home.ro (contact has been attempted but to no result hence the creation of the wrapper).

If you do come across an issue then you can either contact me or post in this thread which has followed my wrapper plug-in.

A modified copy of the help file for the plug-in can now be found here (as shipped in the installer).

Download Enhancer Wrapper v1.01 (02/10/2013)
  • Added version resource to match the v5.64 style (missed during the v1.0 update)

Download Enhancer Wrapper v1.0 (19/09/2013)
  • Compatibility updates for window docking support (requires Winamp v5.66+)
  • Dropped oficial support for using with Winamp clients prior to Winamp v5.64

Download Enhancer Wrapper v0.9.1 (04/11/2010)
  • Added some additional localisation support to the wrapper

Download Enhancer Wrapper v0.9 (01/10/2010)
  • Added localisation support to the wrapper which now means it will only work with Winamp v5.5 and higher (enforced by installer)
  • Added support for the Enhancer window to dock to other Winamp windows and to the correct area of the screen (including multiple monitors now!)
    (This is mainly for classic skins though it'll partially work with some Modern skin windows)
  • Improved setting of the minimised (winshade mode) when the wrapper is started (original window would appear completely in v0.8)
  • Fixed Minimize / Restore menu item only showing as Minimize
  • Fixed a potential crash in the skin loading code
  • Fixed crash when the original plug-in is loaded / unloaded too fast through the wrapper
    (The fix involves disabling the plug-in tracking the position of Winamp's main window when it is docked with Enhancer's window)

Download Enhancer Wrapper v0.8 (22/09/2010)
  • Initial implementation of a compatibility wrapper to fix the main issues of Enhancer v0.17 (after 24 hours solid work!)
  • Resolves registry access issues by re-directing all registry access to %inidir%\plugins\plugin.ini (doesn't import old registry settings currently)
  • Resolves write access error when saving presets by moving enhancer.set to %inidir%\plugins\enhancer.set (existing file is migrated if found)
  • Improved skin format to deal with minimised (winshade) and non-focused scenarios (see bottom section)
  • Improved the minimise action to now minimise (winshade) the window like the rest of the Winamp windows
  • Replaced original skin file with one which is better suited for the Winamp 5.x Classic base skin
  • Updated about message and fixed it to not appear everytime the config(..) action is called
  • Updated urls opened by the plug-in to go to valid ones instead of the dead geocities address (and to this page as applicable)
  • Last used skin folder is now remembered instead of reverting to the default folder everytime

A copy of the base image file used for skinning the Enhancer window can be found here.

This is different from the last official skin format but allows for different state of the titlebar when the window is not focused and also for when the window is in window shade (minimised) mode.

The screenshot to the right shows what these changes allow.

Note: If a loaded skin is not found to use the newer aspects then the original skin behaviour of the Enhancer window is followed.