Take control of your sound!

Version 0.17 (20 / Oct / 2001)
Wrapper Version v1.01 (02 / Oct / 2013)

I'm not quite a talkative guy. Still, here are some words about Enhancer...

Enhancer 0.17
This plug-in is designed to make the audition more enjoyable by compensating for the lack of fidelity in a usual audio system connected to a PC. If you have a very good audio system, most of the times this plug-in will make it sound even better.

If you want it to function at its maximum capacity, you will need at least a Pentium 233 or an equivalent processor (for all it's features in stereo mode) and, of course, Winamp (v5.64 or higher is recommended) or another program that supports winamp dsp plug-ins (this excludes the wrapper for the plug-in due to how it is tied closely to the Winamp client to work).

What does each slider do?

Volume : This adjusts the maximum amplification of the sound. It works in the range from -20dB to +20dB. If the sound is too loud then the amplification is automatically adjusted to eliminate any possible distortion. When this happens you will see the maximum position and the current position on the Volume slider. If you want to know the exact amplification then you have to multiply the number from the cursor with 4 and subtract 20.

Harmonic Bass : This is a very deep bass. It is especially designed for large speakers (or good headphones). It is a large expansion of low frequencies as high harmonics have been previously added. You can even hear infrasound through these high harmonics. If there are some low frequencies, harmonic bass will make them hearable due to the high sound amplification followed by sound compression.

Harmonic Bass Range : This adjusts the degree of Harmonic Bass amplification and the added harmonics.

Drum Bass : Drum bass reacts mostly to dynamic variation of the sound volume, especially on drums.

Drum Bass Range : This changes the frequency at which the Drum Bass reacts in order to match the speakers' capacity in the best way. If you are using headphones, you can set up this slider any way you like.

Dry Signal : This is the original sound. You can lower it in order to get even more bass or treble.

Harmonic Treble : High frequency amplifier with added high and low harmonics. It enriches the sound.

Harmonic Treble Range : This adjusts the Harmonic Treble frequency response. With lower values it works mostly on cymballs and with higher values it works mostly on voice. Higher values of this control are useful for lower bit rates of compressed sound.

Ambience : This regulates the amount of reverberated sound. It is based on the Schroeder / Moorer reverb model.

Ambience Range : This regulates the length of the reverberated sound.

...now about the other controls...

Power : You can stop the processing of the sound in order to save the processor's resources (or to compare the original sound with the enhanced one)

Boost : To make the sound louder and aggressive.
Presets : It displays a panel where you can load/save different configurations.

Help : Displays the help file...

About : Some words about the Enhancer version and an easy way to access my web page...

If you right-click the Enhancer panel you will get a context menu with the following options:

Base Skin : Use it in order to get the default built-in skin of Enhancer. This skin uses parts of Winamp's default skin in order to look well together...

Skin Browser : Use this to load a different skin. Just click on the bitmap file and open it.

You can also browse through the Winamp.com add-ons site for addtionanl Enhancer plug-in skins (along with those found here).

Minimize / Restore : Use this to toggle the Enhancer interface between a minimised (window shade) and full window state...

Hide Enhancer : Use this if you don't want to see the Enhancer interface. You have to press the Configure button from Winamp-Options-Preferences-DSP/Effect in order to get the interface back. This will not affect the sound processing.

Notes :

1. If you have a slower computer you can still use Enhancer. If you set up to minimum (left edge) one or more of the Harmonic Bass/Drum Bass/HarmonicTreble/Ambience sliders until you see on the "off" indication you will instruct Enhancer to stop processing that particular effect(s), resulting in using less processor resources.

2. If you want to get the latest version you can access my web site at www.i-adrian.home.ro or http://www.nunzioweb.com/daz/enhancer for Wrapper updates.

3. If you feel there is something that could be improved (maybe a feature needing to be added), you can write to me at i_adryan@yahoo.com or iosca@mail.dnttm.ro or contact DrO for Wrapper issues.

4. Enjoy using it ;o)

Legal stuff :

I take no responsability for any damage or loss of data resulting from the use or misuse of this program. You use it at your own risk.

Enhancer © i_adryan www.i-adrian.home.ro
Updates and Wrapper Plug-in by Darren Owen aka DrO http://www.nunzioweb.com/daz (2010-2013)