Jump to File Extra (JTFE) v1.33

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The Jump to File Extra plug-in is included in the Winamp distribution for free and has been in there since Winamp v5.02 as it helped to bring back the much requested playlist editor playback queue feature which had become popular with Winamp3 (now defunct) which Winamp 2.x and 5.x do not implement.

Download v1.33 (Build 1216) (16/12/2013)  |  Changelog  |  (Forum Thread)  |  JTFE SDK

Note: This release only works with Winamp 5.666 Build 3516


The screenshots below shows some of the plug-in in work with Jump to File window (left), Queue Manager window (right top), Playlist Editor (right bottom), Media Library favourite queue view (right)

Some views of the plug-in in operationSome views of the plug-in in operation

The plug-in developed rapidly over the first few months of its creation from being started at the end of October 2003 as a proof of concept to being included in the Winamp distribution since v5.02 (not bad if i do say so myself). The queuing features initially added to the Jump to File window were then extended to other parts of the Winamp player to include the Playlist Editor via the right-click menu and 'q' button action as well as in the Media Library via the send to menu and the queue manager view.

The key aim of the plug-in is to allow you to queue you files to play in an order that you specify. With the plug-in installed you have two different methods available to you to achieve this (though a third method is being worked on). The two ways are:

QueueThis creates a list of files to play through which can be managed / altered as needed via the jump to file window, queue manager window, media library view and the preferences
Move after currentThis will place the selected file(s) after the currently playing file with the ability to do this like a consecutive list

There's a lot of features in the plug-in since it was designed very early on to be as customisable as possible for the many different users needs. Some of these include:

  • Customisable queue text formatting (for the dialog and playlist editor)
  • Save / load the current queue to m3u and pls playlist files
  • Save the current search results to a playlist
  • Skin the dialog using the current skin
  • Drag and drop playlists into the queue for quick album queuing
  • Integrated preferences dialog in the Winamp Preferences
  • Configurable display of buttons on the Jump to File window
  • Configurable right-click menu for the playlist editor
  • Lots of other little things to help tune the plug-in to your needs

However the plug-in is still small for what it does since i've tried to keep to nice lean coding where possible. If you have any suggestions, comments or bug reports then please contact me and let me know. Where possible i will always try to fix any bugs as soon as possible and update to a newer fixed version.

The version of the plug-in distributed in the Winamp installer typically is the stable version however the plug-in can and will be updated in between distribution releases to resolve issues or to try out new features to help move the plug-in forward so keep a look out for the latest developments. In most cases, the current version(s) will extend the plug-in features and hopefully the stability of the plug-in.

Due to the wide range of options in the plug-in, some parts already provide their own help messages. However for the general options (and due to the plug-in being shipped as part of the distribution) you can have a look at Winamp's online help or have a look at the screenshots of the preference pages and menus below (click on an image to see it at full size).

Note: Some settings may be referenced against different pages or be named slightly different as there were changes to the plug-ins preferences over stages since v1.0 to make things clearer so i'm not sure if the documentation has been updated to the current plug-in version (as of September 2010).