ML Exporter v1.0

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The aim of this plug-in is to allow you to export information from parts of the media library which are otherwise not available without manually working through nde or xml files in your settings folder.

The plug-in adds an export submenu menu to Winamp's Media library via the 'File' menu (in supporting modern skins) or on the library menu config button as an 'Export' submenu as can be seen in the screenshot to the right (using the Winamp Modern skin which supports showing the 'File' menu).

With the current release of the plug-in the following data can be exported to txt, m3u, pls, m3u8 and csv files:

  • Bookmarks
  • Database
  • History
  • Playlist lists
  • Podcast downloads
  • Smart Views (currently all only)

Future versions of the plug-in may add xspf export support, exporting of the cddiscs and cdtracks database files (used for holding the CDDB information) or any other forms of data from the media library as per requests or anything else i get around to implementing.

I have also considered either as part of this plug-in or as a separate one to provide the means to import data into some of the existing databases from some of the formats the plug-in can export - useful maybe for migration of databases between machines, etc. Obviously Winamp can import and export certain aspects of the database though this is generally in an iTunes based xml format which isn't suitable in a large number of cases.

Download ML Exporter v1.0

Depending on the file format being saved to, there are additional controls on how the file will be encoded or the amount of information to be output in the case of the text file format. The combined screenshot below shows the different configuration options available in the plug-in for file encoding to specific formatting options.