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Tuesday 19 April 2016

As a quick update, I'm progressing on things at the new site and blog (which is the best place to follow what's going on) and today I've moved my existing Winamp download mirror to the new site.

All applicable links should now be being correctly redirected so if you think something is broken, please let me know, thanks.

Monday 25 January 2016

It's been quiet from me as a lot has happened and a lot has changed in some respects and not much has changed in others. As such I'm no longer involved directly with Winamp or SHOUTcast (which happened in mid-September 2015) and over 2 years since the sale of Winamp (and SHOUTcast), there's no new release of Winamp with as far as I can tell most of the work I had done being dropped (not helped that developement work was halted mid-process so yes things in the source repository were incomplete and somewhat buggy in places).

For me I'm still looking for what direction things will take me with a number of ideas that I'm looking into the viability off after having taken some time off to re-charge the batteries as the last few years have been pretty much non-stop with minimal time-off (which doesn't make for a happy me at times).

So what about me and Winamp, it's best to have a look at the new site and blog I've setup in the last few days which I've still to work out all the details off. This site will remain for specific updates for my own plug-ins with the new site more focused on some version of a 'patched' Winamp release. In the meanwhile, it's going to take me a few weeks to get back up to speed on Winamp plug-in development and trying to sort out what I'd said I'd do for some of the plug-ins back on Monday 16 December 2013.

Wednesday 29 Octobe 2014

So what's going on? Well i'm working on Winamp and SHOUTcast (as i was doing for the last few years prior to the sale of Winamp) and due to that, i've just not had the time to work on any of my plug-ins. This means a lot of the plug-in links are still broken and are probably going to remain like that for the forseeable future (as i'm only providing versions which are Winamp 5.64+ compatible).

I know this is not going to be liked but as everything here is porivided for free as my free time allows (which is heavily limited nowadays), there's not much more i can offer. So i can only apologise for the inconvenience but i'd hope it's understood that free time is limited with what i'm employed to work on (plus a number of the plug-ins are / will be rolled into Winamp 6.x natively as probably should have been done instead of needing to install them separately).

Finally, i've put up a mirror of the Winamp 5.666 build 3516 downloads as well as the required plug-in updates needed to have a stable Winamp install. This can be found here.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Am in the process of migrating everything over to after the last decade on the hosting provided by Nunzio (which has been much appreciated). Not a lot else to mention as it is still unclear what is going to happen with Winamp, etc under the new ownership, hence no plug-in updates for a while (plus i need a break after the final few months with making the 5.66x release).

Monday 16 December 2013

Just a small update. I fully intend to keep developing Winamp plug-ins (as much as my free-time allows for it) with respect to everything which is going on with Winamp's future.

And the following at the plug-ins which i've had the most requests (in no particular order) to be brought back as part of the update work (which has somewhat stalled due to the Winamp v5.66x releases):

  • Repeater
  • ML Enqueue and Play
  • Mute Hotkey
  • ML Bookmark Categoriser
  • Three Mode Repeat
  • Playlist File Remover
  • Taskbar Text Mod
  • Next on Stop

Wednesday 02 October 2013

For the seemingly few of you crazy people out there still interested in Winamp plug-ins, i'm in the process of bringing some of mine back to life after the removal in February 2013 (and the hiatus which began in June 2012).

I will be updating some of them to be Winamp v5.64+ compatible as i made some changes to the plug-in APIs (having worked directly on Winamp for the prior 3 years which is why my plug-in development dropped off) which helps to provide a better localisation experience (having also helped implement the localisation support for v5.5) which in the age of modern unicode compatible OSes is better to have i believe. It also gives me an excuse to do a code review and fix things which i've learnt over the last few years which will help to resolve any remaining stability issues with the plug-ins.

Otherwise, things are unlikely to be like they were in the peak of my plug-in development a few years ago (2004-2007) and the number of plug-ins coming back will be less than was previously available as i've since implemented some of them natively into the Winamp releases this year (currently consisting of v5.64 and v5.65).

And with that, remember that if you like the plug-ins, a donation to show your appreciation is always appreciated (and if not, a quick email to say thank you is also appreciated).

p.s. The site will be a bit broken for a while as i work through which parts need to be kept and which aren't needed anymore.

Thursday 07 June 2012

All plug-ins are now on development hiatus as i just do not have the time to work on them as work comes first and my freetime priorities have changed which means self-less plug-in development is at the bottom of the list. I've never done this as something to earn money (if i had i'd have starved by now) but i did it for the enjoyment and that is no longer something which i'm getting out of plug-in development when all i get now is complaints and bug reports for things which are unrelated or i'm unable to fix in a reasonable time.

There may still be the odd plug-in update but i'm no longer formally developing Winamp plug-ins for the forseeable future.

Friday 01 October 2010

I'm not sure how many people are going to notice but i've finally had the time to work through the site and give it the update it needed to hold more current information about the plug-ins and also to improve (i hope) some aspects of using the site). Along with tinkering with the layout, i've now added an RSS feed for the plug-in updates which i've had requested a few times so now it's available. Note: The plug-in pack is not complete yet so the feed is currently empty.

Also whilst i've got the time, i'd like to thank the few people who have been kind enough to make a donation towards the plug-ins - it is all much appreciated so a thank you to all of you who have made a donation.

Finally, there are still some aspects of the site which are still being updated though i felt there were more than enough updates from the last 6 weeks work which warrant pushing things live whilst some aspects aren't quite done yet (usually indicated by seeing the error page).

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Another sparodic update has produced the Unicode Taskbar Fix which Will what it can to resolve Winamp's taskbar text not showing unicode or more than one character with older plugins not updated to support the change in Winamp 5.34 and higher. This fix is intended for those people experiencing the issue (as shown on the page) so if you're not aware of the issue then you won't need it but there's now something incase you do want it.

Thursday 21 January 2010

Well i think it can be said that with the lack of time i had last year, 2009 wasn't quite The Year Of Localisation as i'd hoped so to make up for things 2010 is going to continue that them (and may work out actually as a proper year this time around).

As part of the general plans, i've now released a lng_generator tool and a language api example so other people can make use of the 5.5+ localisation support.

Monday 5 January 2009

Has been a while (massive understatement, heh) but between real work and working to implement the newer style WLZ language packs from 5.5+ in Winamp, i've not really had that much time to work on any of my own projects for the last year and a half or so.

I can't say how 2009 is going to pan out with regards to plugin development though the aim is to get as many of the plugins localisable this year as i've set 2009 as The Year Of Localisation(*)

And a big big thanks to Nunzio for work done on adding more information to the plugin pages - is an area i can only hope i will be able to do some more work against for this year so that everything is listed on the site (at last!).

(*) Lame name i know but it does what it says on the tin :)

Monday 5 February 2007

Late i know but Happy New Year and all that. There's not really been anything new for public consumption so far this year, though there's a new SNESamp wrapper, YMAMP build and i contributed a patch to the 64th Note project to bring the plugin upto the 5.x input plugin specs (excluding the ones for transcoding stuff). Some of my normal projects have seen dev related changes but not to the stage where it's ready for all of you lovely people - but will be soon i hope :)

Sunday 15 October 2006

And so finally it is that after over 2 years in the wilderness the plugin pack is now back (and will be better maintained this time). Is all i have to say other than a very big thanks to Chris (Koopatrooper) for the help with getting to this stage!

Saturday 7 October 2006

For any people tracking the releases page will have seen that development did resume after the previous news post (life has been rather up and down of late so it's been sparodic with the work on winamp bits as well).

Anyway, thought i'd better finally get something put up here especially since v2.0 of the plugin pack is drawing near (especially needed knowing how old the last build of it was). A big thanks has to go to Chris who helped get the main bulk of the installer code done so i could then go through it and add in everything (is almost 1Mb of stuff when all is extracted out!). The installer is now going into the final testing stage so should be released before the end of the month *fingers crossed*

Wednesday 8 March 2006

All projects are now on indefinite hold. I realise i've promised people things but i just don't have the time and real desire anymore to code. I have to put my job first over coding plugins which has caused me more trouble than it has often been worth it if i'm honest.


Wednesday 18 January 2006

A belated happy new year and all that stuff.

The last few days i've had to go through the majority of the projects and update them since a compiler optimisation i've been using for years turns out to make none of them work when DEP is enabled in XP SP2 (and more specifically when it's hardware/cpu based DEP in use). There's a few more of the larger projects which still need to be updated but i'm looking to bundle some other updates to them so that should be sorted out over the next week or so (depending on how much i get shafted with having to work extra time at work, heh).

I have basically been pretty crap when it comes to replying to emails due to a lack of time and any free time going on development time. I do read all of the emails and often requests, etc will appear, just takes a bit of time. But thanks to those who do take the time, it is appreciated especially if it helps to fix bugs, etc

As best plans go, i have a number of updates to the site that i've been trying to do for months now, eventually there should be a page which gives a summary over all of the plugins that i've done, etc but it's just finding the time, heh (if i can do site updates from work then it should happen sooner).

Anyway, keep plugin and have a good year everyone!

Thursday 07 July 2005

I finally managed to update/check over a few pages so now all should scale to the browser's size now (which should look better than the fixed width i originally went for).

Also i made a few plugin updates over the last few days so don't say i don't spoil people (and yes it does show when i have time off between my two jobs ;o) )

Tuesday 05 July 2005

Despite the best will in the world, most of the updates i'd hoped to have done went out the window due to pressure from work and the evil thing of 'real life'.

However you may have noticed there has been some dev work going on with a number of mini and major updates for a few plugins (see here). Also a new official build of the JTFE plugin is in the works as well at the moment (see here) so go on have a look and help make it stable for the next Winamp release it could go into...

Saturday 19 March 2005

It's been a while and i should update this more often. If you've been keeping an eye on the releases page then you'll have seen there's been a fair bit of development work going on.

If you've mailed me some time back and i've not replied then i apologise but with changes in work patterns, job and other things some have slipped through. I hope to have replied back to all that are outstanding replies by the end of the month (all have been read, just there's never enough time to do everything it seems)

Site updates especially for plugin pages are in the works as well as an update to the plugin pack once i've finsihed updating a few of the plugins (there's 3 that are in the state of imminent updates over the next 2-3 weeks which will be good!).

Also a quick thank you to the few kind people who have made donations, they all went towards a DVD burner for aiding in my code backups after a software issue messed up a number of the plugins when a backup was being made :o( ). So once again thank you to those of you, it's greatly appreciated (even if i haven't said personally to you already)

Stay tuned for more, DrO - Winamp's Little Love Child

Sunday 7 November 2004

New JTFE (0.96e) released, check out the releases page in a few hours once i've had some sleep and made sense of my development logs :o)

Tuesday 12 October 2004

nView Fixer released which fixes an issue between nView and Winamp (where nView is in the wrong this time). Check out the readme in the installer or the releases page for more information about it.

Friday 27 August 2004

New JTFE (0.96c) released, check out the releases page for more information on the fixes and additions made to the new build, yipee.

Also check out the Winamp download page for 5.05 which fixes a security vulnerability. A quick search of the web will give more information on the matter or go here for your information starting point :o)

Sunday 8 August 2004

Updated JTFE to v0.96bee which fixes a minor bug.

Created Jump to Time Extra which allows you to use negative times on the dialog, might be useful to some :o)

As always check out the releases page for more information.

Wednesday 4 August 2004

New JTFE (0.96b) released, check out the releases page for more information. All known bugs are now fixed with JTFE from what i can tell, yipee

*pimp mode* Look at me, i'm mentioned twice *pimp mode*... tho it's a bit out of date now already ^_^

Edit: was getting fed up of having to move the open/save dialogs around so i made OS Pos Restorer which also saves/restores the Winamp preferences dialog as well, neato :o)

Saturday 31 July 2004

Winamp 5.04 is released at last, yay which includes the new JTFE (0.96a) though there's already been an update released. A few other things have been updated, basically have a look at the releases page.

Wednesday 30 June 2004

Things have been quiet basically since i've been working when i can in the 'real world' so there's not been much on the development front.

If you've sent me any mails over the last month or so and i haven't replied back to you then i'm sorry about that and will hopefully have replied to all in the next week.

Work is going on with the Extended Playlist plugin (aka plex) with a decent article written here by inthegray.
There's also a alpha release of the Auto Full Screen plugin (check out the releases page for more information).

Thursday 6 May 2004

And so it was that an old tradition was resurrected from the days of old. For those of you who have used Winamp for a few years will remember a certain file you could get to keep your winamp up to date. What am i talking about, well today is the day that wa2update lives again (well it's wa5update now but you know what i mean).

You can get the file HERE and more info here (thanks go to DJ Egg [master beta tester] for updating the thread)


Tuesday 4 May 2004

Updated the plugin pack to include a few plugin updates i've done in the last few days. The releases page is filling up nicely now and remember it's you main place to keep track of what's going on :o)

Saturday 1 May 2004

Think that's all done now will all pages tidyied up and W3C compliment (useful for me to understand HTML i think). Now i can get back on with making those things, now what are they called, ah yes, plugins kekeke.

Wednesday 28 April 2004

Updates to the plugin pack, check out the Plugin Releases page for what's changed. Also new to the fold are two Winamp global hotkeys plugins (Mute Hotkeys and Play Random Song Hotkey).

Tuesday 27 April 2004

Quick update for the Plugin Releases page. Now you can keep track of when plugins come out and when a version was updated, yay.
An update to the plugin pack will be up in the next few hours as well.

Wednesday 21 April 2004

Added a basic page for Jump to File Extra with links to the language files so you don't have to download the installer now :o)

Updating a few of the pages so some of the header links may be broken over the next few days - nothing major, just me tweaking n stuff plus hopefully some small updates.

I'm not the best at keeping things updated but i aim to introduce a quick way to see what the current release activity of the plugins are in the next few days so stay tuned (plus it'll help me as well ;o) ).

Friday 9 April 2004

At last it arrives (well most of it at least) the Plugin Pack.
Not much else to say really about it since the info with it is enough i think ;o)

Thursday 8 April 2004

Just a little update for things with the addition of plugin #14 (though it's really #15 if you count the winamp bug fix plugin i did). So Single Click 'n' Play joins this merry band of plugins. The aim of it is to allow you to play the song you click on in the playlist, simple really :o)

Hopefully i will also get the installer pack uploaded in the next few hours since i've been promising one for a while (but i needed to work on my NSIS skills first).

Thursday 1 April 2004

Has it really been that long? Not to worry i've been busy working on the plugins and things :o) Updates to Jump to File extra have been made, bundled with the recently released Winamp 5.03. The current version is v0.94te and you can also get it here though there will be an update in the next week or so to iron out the reported issues and hopefully add a few new features in.

There's been updates to the Find File on Disk plugin to v1.21 which adds the ability to control the menu string and also fixes an exit bug which could crash Winamp on closing.

There's also the addition of a new plugin, Next on Stop which will advance the current song in the playlist to the next track when any of the stopping options are chosen.

Friday 27 February 2004

Added a new plugin page today for the Skinned Preferences plugin which was updated yesterday. The new build handles some of the controls better, allows the prefs window position to be restored and also allows the feature to be turned on/off now.

With other things the Extended Playlist plugin has seen some love with a playlist explorer like feature being added to it (one of the classic Winamp3 components i think).

Altered this page a bit to be a bit faster on loading with only the last few news items shown (well you've got to be kind to those dialup users...)

And finally, i'm looking for a new job at the moment after finishing what was the current one a bit earlier than planned :o( Anyway it means i have a bit of extra freetime whilst i look for something else so there should be a few plugin updates coming sooner than i planned, yay (well have to make the best of bad situation), laters...

Tuesday 17 February 2004

Updated the Time Restore & Autoplay plugin to v1.7 (Electron Edition) now. This adds langauge file support, stop state restore and a start Winamp with Windows option. A nice bit of work if i don't say so myself :o)

A bit later... it shows when i update the site since i update this :o) Well i've now released v1.71 of the Time Restore & Autoplay plugin to fix a little text display issue and to include a few more languages (just have a look at the plugin's page).

Monday 16 February 2004

Ok, it's been a while since the last update but a fair bit has happened since the last update. The most important is that Jump to File Extra is now included in the Winamp distribution as of Winamp 5.02 (it missed the 5.01 release but really wasn't ready for it at that point anyway).

There has already been an update to the plugin to which you can get here. This adds support for language files (all menus, the JTF window and a part of the prefs pages are changeable now) and the basic ability to load a playlist into the queue list.

Behind the scenes other plugins are getting some love so new releases will be coming over the next few weeks, yay. There has even been a Winamp bug fix plugin released here with the code going into Winamp 5.03 (it was only made the day before 5.02 was released so it was a bit late to get it in and through Q&A).

And finally, recent events now mean i'm a Moderator over at the Winamp Forums(specifically in the Winamp Dev Forum).

For a useful read of Winamp related things have a look at Winamp Unlimited. Anyway, sleep now, laters

Wednesday 21 January 2004

Another day and more updates including two more updated plugins.

There are now pages for the Find File on Disk and Jump to Track plugins. As well both versions have been updated to v1.1 states with the code reliability improvements and correct handling of Language Packs if used with Winamp now, yay. Check out the pages to get the latest versions.

With other things, i've hopefully fixed a few page/download links that were not working correctly.

Finally, the update to the Time Restore & Autoplay plugin is on hold for the moment since there is reported issues of the restore position code not correctly working. This is being tested and should be fixed in the next day or two i hope.

Monday 19 January 2004

Uploaded a new version of the One Click Show & Hide plugin to v1.1 now. This will now allow the Winamp window to be brought to the front if hidden but not minimised (when using the single-click method). All options with the plugin can be altered 'on the fly' now. As well i've added a page for the plugin now (see the link above) with information on what the different settings use.

On a note of other things, the Time Restore & Autoplay plugin is now at v1.65 though after a request, v1.666 is almost fully tested for release. I'm just waiting on a reported issue to be worked out before it goes out as the final version - i mean it this time :o)

Well now there's 5 plugins documented, only a few more to go, lol.

Saturday 17 January 2004

Uploaded a new version of the Time Restore & Autoplay plugin to v1.62 now. Altered the handling of the random option introduced in v1.6 so it's now available even when autoplay is turned off :o)

Added a page for the Auto Video Fullscreen plugin now (not much is needed about it since it is simple).

Friday 16 January 2004

Uploaded a new version of the Time Restore & Autoplay plugin to v1.6 now. This is a small update but it now allows you to have a random file play on startup (and this should work correctly even on the older v2.9x where the startup state code was broken).

Made a bug fix version of the Auto Video Fullscreen plugin which fixes a few initialising bugs and will now save the settings correctly, yay. Until the page is setup you can get it here.

Monday 5 January 2004

Just released preview 3 of the Extended Playlist Editor plugin. Hopefully it will appear more stable (tests done have shown it to be). Adds a partially working selected list area in the sidecar and some more things :o)

Off to bed now, laters

Saturday 3 January 2004

A few more alterations to the site (just fixing a few links). There are now pages for B4S Playlist Loader and Close After Current. Said i'd get it worked on (makes it 3 now) :o)

Friday 2 January 2004

A big Happy New Year to all of you out there!

Well i've re-done the existing pages for the site so that any MS Word things are no longer in there (was ideal for a quick start at the time). I'm now in the process of getting other pages hopefully added to the site over the next few days (have to balance coding between documenting :o) ).

Well some of the plugins have had updates lately which is always good. The two important ones have been JTFE (now is even stabler!) and the B4S Playlist Loader which allows you to use your Winamp3/Wasabi Player playlists in Winamp 2.x/5.x, woot (still needs some more work though to get it to a v1.0 state).

With other things, i've got to break out my copy of NSIS and get the plugin pack created (for those who've requested it)

Monday 22 December 2003

Updated the Time Restore & Autoplay plugin to v1.59 which improves the handling of an empty playlist on startup.

Other things... well Jump To File is coming along nicely with a few updates in the last few days. Also i've created a new plugin - Auto Video Fullscreen which does what the title says really (check out the link for all you video users).

Yay it's almost Christmas, woot! Roll on the time off work and time for fun with the plugins :o)

Wednesday 17 December 2003

The Web pages are up now, yay. It’s still very basic at the moment and only one plugin is catered for at the moment (Time Restore & Autoplay) but at least there is something. The smaller plugins will be added in soon with the larger ones being properly added in a few weeks once the next releases come out :o)

Lots of fun stuff is happening at the moment. A number of the smaller plugins have recently been updated / moved to a v1.0+ status with all bugs gone now (I hope).

Development has started back on the larger plugins trying to get all skinning issues fixed with them now that Winamp 5 Full is upon us (yay).

As well I’m compiling my todo lists for the issues to fix and features to add to them – fun things will be coming. Keep an eye on the relevant plugin threads in the Winamp Forums for what’s currently happening.

Anything else, well Christmas is coming and I’m sorted for it (hopefully you all are as well).

Well my first attempt at a web site doesn’t seem to be too bad I think, nice and simple to focus on all those lovely plugins and back to them I now must go.


Update: Altered the source files slightly and fixed a few more typos - quickly learning HTML doing this :o)