Playlist Undo v1.11

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Playlist right-click options

This plug-in allows changes made to your current playlist to be undone or blocked as depicted in the configuration screenshots below. The plug-in will do its best to catch changes to the playlist editor but if you find a scenario where it fails then please do let me know and i'll try to fix the issue.

To use the plug-in, you just need to install it and leave it until you need it via the playlist editor right-click menu or via the Alt + Z keyboard shortcut.

Download Playlist Undo v1.11



There are a number of options which the plug-in provides to help with the management of the undo queue such as the means to limit the number of undo actions stored or the force saving of the undo queue whenever there is a detected change (useful when there is instability in the machine being used).

There is also a number of options which allow for the blocking of edit actions on the playlist editor (as shown).

Note: Some options will not work fully with Winamp v5.53 and higher or under a modern skin.


Undo queue viewer

You can view the contents of the undo queue which will allow you to see what has happened to your playlist contents by action but also it allows you to export a copy of a change (for those weirder scenarios)