DrO's Winamp Plug-ins

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Here you can find a list of the Winamp plug-ins i've made over the years (excluding some bespoke plug-ins due to agreements made) as well as a few of the ones that i've created patched versions of existing plug-ins. You can choose either the direct page for a plug-in from the list immediately below or you can have a browse through a summary of the plug-ins to see what they do.

Additionally there's also here which groups some of the more important plug-ins created (along with a few other things i've created or am interested in). If i've missed one or you think something else needs to be mentioned then please contact me.

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Created Plug-ins List

Alt Close Auto EQ Auto Video Fullscreen CD Menu Tweaker Clear Current Playlist Hotkey
Close After Current Close to Notification Area (formally 'Close to Tray') Crop Die Die Browser Die DisplayChange
EQ Hotkeys Explorer Playlist File Copier Find File on Disk Foobar2000 Playlist Loader
in_zip Jump to File Extra Jump to Time Extra Jump to Track Jumper
Lite-n Winamp Preferences Media Player Classic Playlist Loader ML Bookmark Categoriser ML Enqueue and Play ML Exporter
ML Icon Control ML Lite-n
(deprecated by Winamp Core)
Mouse Wheel Blocker Mute Hotkey Next on Stop
No Minimise Notification Tooltip Nullsoft Waveform Wrapper nView Fixer One Click Show & Hide
One For Nunz OS Pos Restorer Play Random Song Hotkey Play Selected Song Hotkey Playback Excluder
Playlist File Remover Playlist Loader
(deprecated by Winamp Core)
Playlist Separator Playlist Undo Predixis Removal Tool
Randomise Playlist Hotkey Repeater Save File As Shuffle Change Blocker Shuffle Restorer
Shutdown on Close Silence Detector Single Click 'n' Play Skin Manager (formally 'Skins In Submenu') Skinned Preferences
SNESamp Wrapper Taskbar Text Mod Three Mode Repeat Time Restore & Autoplay TipTop
View Current File Information Hotkey Unicode Taskbar Fix Zoom Playlist Loader (planned)
Album Art Viewer Enhancer DSP Wrapper Standalone AudioScrobbler Plug-in WACommand Yar-matey! Playlist Copier

Summary of Plug-ins

Alt Close

This plug-in will restart Winamp instead of closing it if control is held down when attempting to close Winamp via the main menu item or the main window's close button. Useful if you've installed or altered a config option and need to quickly restart Winamp with the minimum of fuss!


Auto EQ

This allows Winamp's equaliser to be automatically changed to an equaliser preset based on the currently playing file's genre.

Auto Video Fullscreen


CD Menu Tweaker

This shows the volume status of the available CD and DVD drives in Winamp's main right-click 'Play' submenu to make it easier to choose which entry if you have multiple drives present.

Clear Current Playlist Hotkey

This will allow you to set a global hotkey to clear the contents of the playlist editor.

Close After Current

This plug-in will close Winamp and if need be close / restart / etc you system depending on how you've configured the plug-in.

Close to Notification Area (formally 'Close to Tray')

This is a simple plug-in which will minimise Winamp when you click on the close button (instead of closing it) along with a few other options.

Crop Die

This is a simple plug-in which removes the 'crop' function from Winamp's playlist editor.

Die Browser Die

This is a small plug-in which allows for the hiding of the Station Info / Browser window in Winamp v5.1 upto v5.35 for those who find it that annoying! This is provided for legacy Winamp v5.1 to 5.35 client installs.



EQ Hotkeys

This will allow you to set a range of global hotkeys for controlling Winamp's equaliser from enabling the equaliser to adjusting a band.

Explorer Playlist

forum thread

File Copier

This allows you to copy files from the playlist or the media library to another folder such as on a usb drive but to do it in the order the files are selected and passed to the copying queue (unlike Winamp's offering).

Find File on Disk

Press Ctrl + F or use the menu entry to open an Explorer window showing where the selected file(s) are stored. One of my favourites!

Foobar2000 Playlist Loader

A simple plug-in which will allow you to load Foobar2000 playlists into Winamp.


It's an archive reader but not as we know it... since it's designed from the start to work with multiiple file archives.

Still in early development this plug-in supports and has basic rar file support to it.

With some tuned features for karaoke archives and improved compatibility, configuration and general features in newer builds, this could be a great way to deal with music archives.

Jump to File Extra

Expands the existing Jump to File feature to allow for enqueuing of tracks without modifying the current playlist or to move the track after the currently playing song (with some control over this).

It also allows you to enqueue files directly in the playlist and shows queue information (like Winamp3) as well as other features such as queue randomiser, removing of duplicate playlist entries and much more!

Jump to Time Extra

A small plug-in to expand the Jump to Time feature to allow for negative jumping and also adds a global hotkey option to access the dialog.

Jump to Track

This does just as it's named and allows you to select a track to jump from the tracks currently in your playlist editor.


This plug-in aims to provide a 'find as you type' experience in Winamp's playlist editor as an alternative to the 'Jump to File' method or other search options available in Winamp.

Lite-n Winamp Preferences

This plug-in allows for the hiding of some of the pages in Winamp's preferences which just aren't really needed most of the time.

Media Player Classic Playlist Loader

A simple plug-in which will allow you to load Media Player Classic playlists into Winamp.

ML Bookmark Categoriser

This plug-in is designed to make it easier to deal with large numbers of bookmarks by working with Winamp's own bookmark plug-in to allow you to categorise your bookmarks in the main bookmark view as well as in submenus in the main Winamp menus.

ML Enqueue and Play

The aim of this plug-in is to add an 'Enqueue and play' action to the media library to complement the play and enqueue actions it provides.

ML Exporter

This plug-in allows you to export certain information from Winamp's library which is otherwise only viewable or hidden in settings files.

ML Icon Control

This plug-in allows the removal of the icons in the media library tree to make it look more like the pre Winamp 5.2 library as well as the means to remove all of the text from the tree icons (all from specific user requests).

ML Lite-n

The aim of this plug-in is to remember the collapsed state of items in the Media Library tree. This is provided for pre Winamp v5.3 clients due to the library gaining this feature natively.

Mouse Wheel Blocker

This plug-in prevents the mouse wheel from adjusting Winamp's volume.

Mute Hotkey

This will allow you to set a global hotkey for muting Winamp's audio output. It also allows for lowering the volume level to 10% or a custom level and then reverting it back to where it was if used again.

Next on Stop

This plug-in advances the current playlist position to the next song in the playlist when Winamp is stopped.

Useful when you run with manual advance on or when you purposefully stop Winamp and don't want to listen to that track again.

No Minimise

This plug-in will prevent Winamp's minimise button from working.

Notification Tooltip

This adds to the Winamp tray icon the ability to see the the current playback position when the tooltip is shown with potential options to allow what can be seen to be configured (once the 64 character limit is worked around if it can be done :o) )

Nullsoft Waveform Wrapper

The aim of this plug-in is to make use of the older in_wave to attempt to play certain wave file formats which the newer 3.x (libsndfile based) in_wave plug-in is not currently able to play.

nView Fixer

A small plug-in which aims to fix some issues (such as keyboard shortcuts not working) when 'Add nView options to system menus' option enabled under 'Desktop Management' in nVidia's nView.

One Click Show & Hide


One For Nunz

This plug-in allows for better control over Winamp's display of the plug-in list pages. It also acts as a tool to report the state of Winamp based on the plug-ins installed and additional information like plug-in compatibility issues.

OS Pos Restorer

This plug-in aims to restore the operating system dialogs, Winamp preferences and other native Winamp plug-in dialogs positions.

Play Random Song Hotkey

This will allow you to set a global hotkey for selecting a random song from the current playlist editor contents.

Play Selected Song Hotkey

This will allow you to set a global hotkey for playing the last selected playlist item or another item if there is no selection in the current playlist editor contents.

Playback Excluder

This aims to replicate Winamp3's exclude file from playback feature by adding a 'Alt+X shortcut and menu item to the playlist editor.

Playlist File Remover

The name says it all, this removes files from your playlist and the recent builds allow you to physically move / delete the files as well for those of you with nerves of steel for doing such things :o)

Playlist Loader (deprecated by Winamp Core)

With this installed you have access to the loading in of B4S (Winamp3), ASX, WSX, WVX, WAX and WPL (Windows Media Player) playlists.

Note: This is no longer supported as Winamp implemented a native playlist api to add the playlist formats this plug-in provided (separate of my plug-in) and is now provided only for nostalgic reasons.

Playlist Separator

This allows you to add a separator:// entry in the playlist and depending on how it's been configured it'll show information about the next album after it.

There's also the option for the plug-in to automagically scan your playlist and insert a separator between each different folder / album in the playlist making it easier to see them or to find when searching the playlist.

Playlist Undo

This plug-in allows changes made to your current playlist to be undone or blocked so you won't loose your current playlist accidentally.

Predixis Removal Tool

Used to remove the predixis plug-in from older client installs as it was not that good and generally was not liked.

Randomise Playlist Hotkey

This will allow you to set a global hotkey to randomise the contents of the playlist editor.


This plug-in is designed to allow for the customisation of the fastward and rewind durations in Winamp and then with some more to help transcribing and other activities requiring more control.

Save File As

Not as sophisticated as some of the other plug-ins out there but this adds a simple menu item for the selected items in the Winamp playlist and allows you to save that file to another location. Sweet and simple!

Shuffle Change Blocker

This plug-in prevents Winamp's shuffle mode from being changed from what it was set to before this plug-in was installed.

Shuffle Restorer

This plug-in allows you to set Winamp's shuffle mode to a known state when Winamp is closed and / or started.

Shutdown on Close

This plug-in will shutdown your system when Winamp is closed.
Note: There is no config options for this plug-in.

Silence Detector

This DSP plug-in detects when there is a specified duration of digitial silence (threshold level is configurable) through Winamp's output and allows for restarting the current track and a few other actions.

Single Click 'n' Play

This allows you to play a playlist entry with a single click or do any valid playlist editor menu action if changed in the preferences e.g. to 'View file info...'.

Skin Manager (formally 'Skins In Submenu')

The natural evolution of the Skins In Submenu plug-in, this plug-in provides a simple yet efficient way for you to deal with your skins.

It can sort the different types of skins into sub-menus in the Winamp skin's menu or allow you to filter the skins in the main skin preference page making it easier to find and manage them including a live 'preview' of classic skins and the ability to generate a preview of the classic skin without having to select it.

Skinned Preferences

Initially created to skin the Winamp preferences in a similar manner to the current Winamp skin but later expanded to incorporate as many windows related to the current instance of Winamp.

Still in and on / off development, each public build has improved stability and the way in which the controls and windows are skinned and one day may make it to a completed stage...

SNESamp Wrapper

The aim of this plug-in is to fix a number of issues with the SNESamp plug-in such as ATF and media library support as well as a number of other compatibility issues the plug-in otherwise has with newer Winamp clients.

Taskbar Text Mod

This allows you control of the text shown in Winamp's taskbar button which is useful when using another program to access Winamp so it has e.g. a fixed text.

Three Mode Repeat

This extends Winamp's classic skin drawing engine to allow for the visual display of repeat one track, manual advance and stop after current states in the main window (modern skins allow for this but classic skins were never designed for it).

Time Restore & Autoplay

My first and still one of my best plug-ins i think. This essentially restores Winamp back to the last track it was playing when it was closed for the next time you open in (assuming the playlist in Winamp hasn't changed).

It also gives you the ability to start Winamp as your PC boots up and you can fine tune how the plug-in works!



View Current File Information Hotkey

This will allow you to set a global hotkey for showing the File Information window for the currently playing file.

Unicode Taskbar Fix

If you see ?????? in the Window's taskbar item or the notification area icon tooltip for Winamp then this is what you need to fix the issue (due to older plug-ins not compatible with Winamp 5.34 and higher).

Zoom Playlist Loader (planned)

A simple plug-in which will allow you to load Zoom Player playlists into Winamp.

Album Art Viewer

Album Art Viewer plug-in which adds an album art window (mainly) for classic skins for those people wanting a separate album art view instead of one integrated into the media library or certain Modern skins.
Originally started by Will Fisher.


Enhancer DSP Wrapper

One of the most popular DSP plug-ins for Winamp over the years. This is a wrapper to patch the plug-in so it'll work woth Vista / Windows 7 and newer Winamp client versions as the last Enhancer update was in 2001.
Originally started by i_adryan.

Standalone AudioScrobbler Plug-in

Used to send played tracks to the last.fm / AudioScrobbler service - this version is a patched version (currently unsupported).
Originally started by James Spibey.


WACommand is as the original author described it... It's simple, it lets me control winamp from the little multimedia buttons on my keyboard. Basically it lets you control winamp from the command line.
Originally started by Phil Himsworth.

Yar-matey! Playlist Copier

The Yar-matey! Playlist Copier plug-in was built to copy all of the files in the current playlist to a location of your choice along with some options on how the copied files are named. Originally started by bCheckNet.


YMAMP is a plug-in which allows you to play GYM and CYM files in Winamp.
Originally started by Marp.