Projects Worked On And Other Information

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My coding first began back in the early 90's with an Atari STe and Atari Basic which moved onto a bit of GW-BASIC with getting a PC. This then moved onto C with some classes during my university course and over time has moved onto learning aspects of C++ though C is where i'm happiest (at least at the time). With learning C i've generally developed more on a Windows / Win32 level normally avoiding certain frameworks to produce small, fast code where possible (as there's no need to use a framework which is larger than the output exe / dll when you only need one aspect of it). Then in 2010 i've finally started learning C# (see the Res-T-Res project for the results or not of that) as it seemed like the right time to move onto something different and as a progression of what i've taught myself over the last 20 years of coding.

Since 2003 my main area of coding has been devoted to creating a number of Winamp plug-ins (prolific may even be the right word) either as bespoke creations or as a more generalised creation as can be found with all of the many plug-ins created and listed "here". I've had the privilege of my Jump to File Extra plug-in shipped as part of the Winamp distribution since version 5.02 (with all of the fun that updating and improving upon it has been over the years).

In 2007 i worked on updating the Winamp language pack format for the 5.5 release to be a more complete system (allowing localisation of the player where it is feasible to do so) compared to the previous format which only allowed limited localisation of dialogs and menus in winamp.exe (was a single lng file compared to the multi-lng file and additional files supported with the newer style format). As part of the language pack project i've also worked on fixing bugs and other minor changes to help improve things for Winamp users like i've been doing with my plug-in creations over the years (especially during the period when there was no real Winamp development happening).

Along with the Winamp plug-in coding i've done, i've also contributed minor fixes to other plug-ins or given plug-in developers a nudge in the right direction usually via the Winamp forums or actively working with the developers of the following projects:

As well as Winamp development, i've also worked on some minor utilities which have usually been created as a personal need and as a way to learn a programming language (the best way to learn a language i've found by making something i need in it). This has led to the following projects being created:
  • PLPLIDE / MultiPad
    University project for the PLPL compiler by creating an IDE which then became a multi-file notepad replacement (MultiPad) after leaving university - never publically released and sort of lost to the ether of time
  • LavaLamp
    This was a small notification tray icon to show an animated lavalamp - done as a port of a VB project to learn C
  • WinDock
    Provides docking of Windows windows to the edge of the screen (needs some Vista/Win7 and x64 support)
  • Res-T-Res
    An under development C# based Resource Viewer and Editor to replace Resouce Hacker and other similar editors which i've found to be broken or not as efficient to use as they should be from my language pack work