Winamp Plug-in Releases (2004)

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Releases for: 
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  • fixed the prefs options to restore the state of all of the settings now
  • added an option to kill visualisations if running and a video starts
  • added an option for that to not disable if not visible
  • adding in the option to show the video window whatever the current Winamp video setting
  • added in options for disabling the screensaver when a video starts
  • added in the option to hide the avs window when it's opened (hacky but it works)
  • anything else i forgot to note down
  • stores/restores the selected filetype in the Open / Save dialogs
  • added handling for most of the OS dialogs via the Media Library (i hope)
  • added in ability to save/restore the size of the dialogs between Winamp sessions
  • anything else i forgot (since this has been worked on/off for a long time)


  • initial release, works n stuff :o)


  • fixed a debugger found crash exception in the updater code


  • fixed 'q' + 'm' to not crash winamp now under Win9x (missing unsubclass)
  • altered the skin change code to track modern skin colourtheme changes correctly now (#define IPC_FF_COLOURTHEME_CHANGE 2003)
  • altered the playlist tracking code to auto-disable/re-enable when using 'q' and 'm' in the playlist otherwise the queue may corrupt if done too fast
  • added in a callback when a queued track is about to be played (see wa_jtfe.h)
  • queue was not being cleared on a full playlist change (more info in the full change log)
  • fixed the list on the jtf window to only show a scrollbar when it's needed (showed when there were no files in the playlist)


  • fixed the playlist menu not added in correctly when not set to be in a submenu at the top of the popup menu
  • fixed 'q' only working on 3-4 playlist items before breaking (changed from hook detection to full subclassing)
  • added in a horizontal scrollbar for the jtf dialog list when it's needed
  • adjusted the style of the jtf list control to work better with a horizontal scrollbar
  • fixed a bug in the title formatting when using '%M%N'
  • fixed crash when using 'randomise queue' with a large queue list (was due to debug code not disabled)
  • fixed handling of a 'separator:\\...' playlist entry so if it's the queued track it will force playback to the next file :)
  • fixed 'shift+m' not working in the playlist window
  • fixed the 'playlist features' to only work when the setting is enabled now (was a bit loose in it's enforcement)
  • adding in a 'blend with backgound' option for the current queue indicator when highlighting is enabled
  • altered the playlist drawing code to work better (and now there's no more random flashing when the playlist is scrolled)
  • updated language file translation (v1.03 and now does all strings i hope)
  • fixed a few issues with the updater code so the messagebox is owned by Winamp now and improved getting the information
  • added option for the 'on end of queue' feature to work continuously (as is) or one time only (setting is available on the right-click menu)


  • Makes ctrl+close (either by the menu option or button on the main window) to restart Winamp


  • Fixed the progress dialog to not show when there's not enough tracks in the playlist
  • Added %a (album), %g (genre), %y (year), and %t (artist) tags to display information from the first track in the next album block
    (only available when using the 'Insert separator between folders' option)
  • Fixed the config / about messageboxes to not bring the modern skin main window in front of the preferences dialog


  • Fixes key presses not working in the main Winamp window when 'Add nView options to system menus' is enabled under the nView 'Desktop Management' options


  • Added 'Randomise playlist on load option'
  • Added option to set the classname of Winamp when loaded (something i use for dev purposes)
  • Tweaked preferences page again so it still (just) fits on a 640*480 display (call me old fashioned :) )
  • Closing the preferences dialog no longer brings the main winamp window to the front (under Modern skins)
  • Updated language file to v1.2


  • Fixed menus so all options now work
  • Added a custom entry (set in the config dialog)
  • Tweaked the menu strings slightly
  • Added option to 'Continue jump into next / prev track' (only works for next track at the moment)
  • Few other code tweaks


  • Added 'start at beginning of playlist' option for when Winamp loads
  • Added 'Delay autoplay until all plug-ins are loaded' useful if Winamp is under heavy load when loading (especially on older machines :) )
  • Tweaked preferences page slightly (mainly for the new options)
  • Updated language file to v1.1


  • Fixed title handling to clear strings when needed
  • Fixed ?d not working on the end of a ?s block
  • Only shows ?s entry when specified or is set for the default option
  • Added 'Insert separator...' to playlist right click menu
  • Added a bit more info to the config message


  • Allows for customising of the fast forward and rewind amount
  • Size is changed from right click menu on back and forward buttons


  • Fixed handling when 'manual playlist advance' is turned on
  • Added ?D option to allow for default setting (once set then only 'separator://' is needed)
  • Changed 'Q' test mode to 'T' shortcut in playlist window and added 'Insert separator between folders' under playlist->misc


  • Added correct handling of going back in the playlist over the separator
  • Fixed 'z' and 'b' handling in the Player window
  • Added a test 'q' option in the Player window to for a new feature for 1.2


  • Add 'separator://' to your playlist to get '------------------' added to the playlist
  • Allows custom character, custom length and custom string instead
  • Is ignored when you try to play it


  • Added auto update feature
  • Common code used for both implementations of the manage queue
  • Added query to not reset formatting strings on settings reset
  • Shift+J fix handling
  • Few menu display / duplication fixes
  • Added Shift+M shortcut to show the manage page from playlist
  • Added randomise queue feature
  • Fixed queue item dragging on the manage pages
  • Fixed the title formatting to cope better when no file information is available
  • Fixed the 'on end of queue' options (i hope)
  • A few other things i forgot


  • Changed 'Winamp Modern' to always be at the top of the modern skin menu


  • Allows you to save a copy of the file in the playlist to where you specify
  • Adds a 'Save file as...' right click entry in the playlist
  • Adds 'Shift+S' shortcut in the playlist


  • Added detection support for the Skin Deleter plug-in
  • Updated internal code for better reliability in detection and menu changes
  • Fixed 'Winamp Classic' not always appearing at the top of the classic sub menu
  • Fixed the base skin not being checked if it was the current skin in some cases


  • Correctly places *.zip skins into the correct submenu now
  • Fixed the 'Winamp Classic' entry disappearing
  • Improved handling of menus when skins are moved and Winamp is running


  • Now puts skins extracted to folders into the correct submenu


  • Small plug-in to put Classic and Modern skins into their own submenu


  • Fixed an issue between JTFE and Find File on Disk

  • Adds negative time jumping to the Jump to Time dialog
  • Adds a global hotkey entry

  • Updated JTFE to 0.96bee and updated the German and Hungarian translations
  • Added Jump to Time Extra v1.0
  • Updated Skinned Preferences to 0.6.0 alpha


  • Fixed fixed move after current not working from the playlist menu and 'm' key
  • Added 'on queue end' options to the stop button right-click menu
  • Updated German and Hungarian translations in the installer


  • Fixed 'b' in the playlist not advancing in the queue
  • Added slovak translation to the installer
  • Fixed the preview menu on the menu & button page in the prefs to use the current language pack installed
  • Updated JTFE to 0.96b and added Slovak translation
  • Added slovak translations for 'Time Restore and Autoplay' and 'Close after Current' plug-ins
  • stores/restores the position of the Open /Save / Browse for dialogs (provided by the OS)
  • Also works for the Winamp preferences
  • Added OS Pos Restorer v1.0


  • Fixed the incorrectly placed menu bugs
  • Added a 'persist' option to keep the mode enabled between uses of Winamp
  • Updated language file to v1.1
  • No internal changes, added full French and Spanish translations
  • Updated JTFE French and Spanish translations
  • Added Close after Current v1.4


  • fixed shift+enter/ctrl+enter not working on jtf dialog
  • added pressing 'q' to add/remove selected (controlled by the equivalent alt+click option)
  • fixed winshade skin frame bugs - matches fully with winamp behaviour now
  • Added Russian and updated French translations
  • fixed a bug where it would not restore correctly if doing a restart of winamp due to IPC_RESTARTWINAMP ie plug-in uninstall
  • Added Russian translation
  • Winamp 5.04 sdk in an installer with some customisations/documentation updates... more documentation coming to a sdk near you
  • fixed a bug where using some of the playlist menus could cause playing to start incorrectly
  • Updated JTFE to 0.96arv
  • Updated French and added Russian JTFE translations
  • Added Time Restore & Autoplay v1.72
  • Added Time Restore & Autoplay Russian translation
  • Added Close after Current Russian translation
  • Updated Single Click 'n' Play to v1.2
  • Updated Autovideo Fullscreen to v1.17alpha
  • anything else i forgot :o)


  • adds hotkeys (though once in fullscreen you can't use a hotkey to come out due to issues with the mode - need to check with some people about it)
  • adds the go to fullscreen on pressing play/pause (even if the original auto-fullscreen function is disabled) -> this may act up on loading which i need to work on


  • a tradition is brought back to life - all the latest winamp fixes, etc
  • more information here!


  • internally is now language independant
  • added language file support for menus, etc (see cac_happy.ini)
  • adds log off/restart/shutdown options (via popup menu)
  • added global hot keys to toggle close after current and cycle the extra options
  • Updated 'Close after Current' to v1.3 -> added an example language file
  • Updated 'Next on Stop' to v1.2
  • added shortcuts to main and playlist windows to turn mode on/off
  • added a global hotkey to turn on/off
  • added menu item to the play buttons right click menu
  • added ini entry (single_menu) to allow the menu text to be altered
  • added ini entry (single_ex) for funness to allow custom SendMessage(winamp,WM_COMMAND,single_ex,0)
  • Updated 'Single Click 'n' Play' to v1.15


  • reworked the internal handling so it works now if resize to fit is on or not
  • improved loading on start-up (though it may be a bit ropey still)


  • Fixes handling of 'playlist manual advance' being enabled


  • Added 'Mute Hotkeys plug-in v1.0', 'Play Random Song Hotkey v1.0' and added Spanish translation for JTFE


  • Adds a 'mute' option to Winamp's Global Hotkeys
  • Adds a 'play random song' option to Winamp's Global Hotkeys