Winamp Plug-in Releases (2005)

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  • Fixed the creation of the temp extraction folder to now work correctly in all cases and to be unique to prevent potential issues (should fix the issue of playback taking 2 attempts to work that has been reported)


  • Fixed the creation of the temp backup playlists to now work correctly in all cases and to be unique to prevent potential issues


  • Re-worked the hotkey message handling so that it won't cause possible false file removals as Winamp is started (this was really pissing me off)
  • Fixed the playlist reload option to only work if file removal from the playlist is enabled as the dialog preferences indicate
  • Fixed the restore playlist to be correctly created where winamp.m3u is to be found by handling 5.11+ methods to query this as needed)
  • Tweaked the plug-in's exit code to only remove the restore playlist if one was created (just incase it tried to accidentally remove something it's not meant to)
  • Adjusted the file insertion code to use the faster 2.9x+ api where possible which helps preserve the playlist information when an entry is removed and then re-inserted onto the end of the current playlist (looks smoother!)
  • Fixed 'Use the 'Shift' key to temporarily disable the delete warning' to actually work correctly now since it was correctly not showing the prompt but wasn't removing the file as the option is meant to allow if delete is the set removal action
  • Adjusted the 'More Options' page to have the top options disabled when the option to delete/move removed playlist entries is enabled


  • Fixed Treeview controls to use the correct font (was getting the wrong information beforehand)
  • Implemented basic support for skinning of the sizing grip on certain windows like the Open File(s) dialog
  • Added a minor adjustment to the button handling so [Apply] buttons can remain skinned if the original button handling causes it's state to be changed (was a problem with in_tv's preferences)
  • Implemented an initial fix for multi-line text on buttons (was noticeable with out_disk)
  • Fixed some Win9x compatability issues (ie api conflicts so it'll now run in my Win98 test install again, heh)
  • Fixed an incompatability issue with Modern skins (introduced by Benski in at least 5.1+)
  • Fixed up a few issues when turning the skinned mode on/off repeatedly and with some specific dialog setups
  • Made some cleanup to the code
  • Adjusted the handling of the media library (and other Winamp gen framed windows) so that it should skin them better now (like the add smart view dialog in the ml which was only partly skinned in earlier builds)
  • Removed a msvcrt.dll dependancy


  • Example language file provided and setting of the text in the plug-in should now follow the current language file (excluding OS generated messages)
  • Fixed a few minor glitches with the internal preferences handling code (now will show/set text correctly and not be a bit hit and miss as it could be before)
  • Added an option to remove the current file (using the specified settings) when stop is pressed if Winamp is playing (will fix it to work with 'Next on Stop' for 2.0 Final)
  • Fixed the 'randomise playlist on load' option to be available now (in the early changes to make 2.0 this option was accidentally forced off even though it's a valid option)


  • Transparency plug-in v1.6 Redux
    Pulled due to fundamental issues with the 1.4 code this update was based on which requires a full re-code to even make it work correctly with 5.x - to say i'm pissed off wasting 2 days is an understatement!
  • Rebuilt version of Peter Pawlowski's v1.4 of the plug-in but updated for Winamp 5.x
  • Adds Winamp Gen frame support (2.9x/5.x supported for this)
  • Tweaked the init code slightly to make it a bit nicer when loading
  • Tweaked the preferences dialog so that only currently available options are available (there was an inconsistancy with this before)
  • Anything else i forgot about but it should work the same on the whole as 1.4


  • Added in skinned scrollbar support on NT based OSes
  • Altered the settings button to be a configureable option to display and re-worked the way it's implemented to hopefully improve handling when it is embedded in other frames (there may be some state issues with the button when it's pressed, not sure though, heh)
  • Tweaked some of the playlist handling code to better handle when the plug-in clears the playlist
  • Made the insertion of files into the playlist editor from a playlist to use the faster 5.x apis where possible (assuming the required information could be read from the playlist being parsed - could potentially speed up handling of large playlists)
  • Added in searching of Ace files in the acrhive enum mode (matches in with the current build of in_zip [])
  • Anything else i forgot about (it happens)


  • Ace file support (not passworded files though) via unacev2.dll (included in the installer as an option)
  • Adjusted the entry added to the open file dialog to take a single line for all archive types supported instead of a line per archive type (when the magic ini setting is enabled :) )
  • Slightly altered the temp folder creation as a first step to fix the case where it can fail to create correctly at times
  • Slight tweaking of the About dialog and installer to reflect the Ace support
  • Adds to Winamp's global hotkey list all of the actions needed for increase/decreasing the EQ bands and toggling EQ options on/off


  • Fixed a crash with some SHBrowseForFolder(..) calls that the plug-in was trapping
  • Fixed handling of asx playlists which refer back onto themselves (why o why people make things like that is beyond me!)
  • Altered the plug-in's handling of mms, mmsu and mmst streams when using Winamp 5.12 (will still append /.wma on pre 5.12 installs to work with the old in_wm)


  • Implemented the required interfaces for extended information to be queried from zip files and for the tag (on saving) to be sent to the clipboard (since there is no internal support of the dll to write to archives and it can only read the stored tags from the comment of zip and rar files)
    More documentation will come on how to use this but makes storing zip/rar in the media library a bit easier i've found
  • Updated to the latest lzma sdk (4.30) which means 7z files with sub-folders can now be handled like zip and rar's already are!
  • Adjusted the rar file handling so that it should now correctly parse any rar file thrown at it
  • Sped up the closing of the 'file info' dialog with it caching the number of files in the archive (otherwise winamp was causing this to be re-calculated from a title update)
  • Fixed zip support to fully release the file so it can be editted by other programs whilst winamp is now loaded (was only part closing the file handles before)
  • Fixed a potential memory leak when trying to auto-detect the type of archive being processed
  • Added a small bit of information to the top of the 'file info' dialog about the archive being looked at
  • Improved the 'file info' dialogs response when it is querying the current archive
  • Some minor code organisation and cleanup to give a potential increase in certain areas


  • Fixed OEM/Ansi conversion issues with the rar support so files with umlauts, etc in them will now be correctly listed and extracted for playback
  • Fixed an issue where some of the in_zip_rules.ini entries could be double processed


  • Fixed an issue with the preference page handling which meant it was working on pages that it should not have been doing (needed to fix a bug in one of my dev plug-ins)
  • Fixed handling of the dsp listing in the plug-in listing file so it won't count the '(none)' entry in the plug-in count and will output 'No plug-ins of this type are installed' for it correctly now as well


  • Added in a work around to attempt to allow all loaded plug-in prefs pages to appear when the preferences dialog is restored after a restart of winamp for the hotkeys
  • Initernally implemented language file support (need to finish the preferences layout so this is not public yet)
  • Overhauled the hokeys page to support there being no selected action in the list and to better handle selections
  • Added a prompt when trying to add a hotkey action with no name specified
  • Added ability to use the delete key on the current hotkey action in the list to remove it
  • The browse for action now works in all cases irrespective of the current hotkey list selection
  • Few other minor preferences tweaks/optimisations


  • Re-coded sections of the restart and init code to try to fix the reported issues with the plug-in (only time will tell if it was worth it)


  • Fixed the restart code to be an instant close (as in beta 1) [if Winamp doesn't restart then another plug-in is breaking the restart action generally]
  • Removed a check on a test ini file setting which prevented the hotkeys from working even though all else was enabled correctly
  • Fixed the hotkey's to correctly work with the ones added (bounds check issue meant the last hotkey added was not processed)
  • Fixed a nasty crash bug when the media library was not present


  • Fixed the ASX exclusion list to keep all filetypes selected if that was set instead of incorrectly returning back to default after restarting Winamp
  • Fixed a bug where pressing the 'default' button to reset the exclusion list required 2 clicks if all file types were selected
  • Added the ability for the 'Extra Options' preferences page entry to remember if it was collapsed or not (dead useful for tidying up your prefs tree!)


  • Fixed handling when a global hotkey was specified to move the current file to a folder and no folder was selected (now it will just remove the playlist entry and do nothing else)
  • Added in a fourth hotkey action to just remove the playlist entry with no file removal/modification
  • Fixed the hotkey's pref page to have the 'move to...' option selected when the edit control is clicked on (to make it a bit quicker to set)
  • Minor tweaks to the hotkey prefs page layout (to give the controls a bit more space for the language file support to come)
  • Re-worked the prompt and handling when the hotkey list is modified especially when a restart is allowed to prevent duplicate messages possibly appearing
  • Fixed a bug where the hotkey action was not correctly set if 'set' was pressed whilst only having altered the hotkey's description
  • Fixed the browse for button for the 'move to...' option to work whatever the action selection with a successful path acquired setting 'move to...' to be the currently desired action


  • Updates to some of the common code between this and others of my plug-ins
  • Added in the ability to remove the file that is currently being removed from the Media Library if present
  • Fixed the Delete Current Song hotkey to not throw up error messages when trying to remove the last playlist entry
  • Fixed the Delete Current Song hotkey to only remove the current hotkey in all cases (as it should only do)
  • Added in handling of the file when it's removed to work better if the next track to be played is the same
  • Added in storing/restore of the column widths on the hotkeys page in the plug-in's preferences
  • Fixed a Winamp crash/lock up when enabling the hotkey option in the preferences (very weird bug - thanks to billy for helping test the fix)


  • Fixed volume and pan init issues for plug-ins (should fix in_midi issues)
  • Adjusted the zip entires to only display a time when the file is played (instead of 0:00 when the title is queried on display)


  • Added in a summary of the number of each installed plug-in type and a total count of them (because i'm lazy and don't like manually counting them :D )


  • Fixed the handling of urls that are tested for being asx files but aren't and were not being added to the playlist as they were
  • Improved the file downloader to hopefully abort asap if it accidentally is passed a shoutcast based url (should improve handling of incorrect hits)
  • Upgraded status to a final release (there are a few things to be tweaked/implemented otherwise it's nearly 1.0 time!)


  • Fixed (for final i hope) the track advance issues by ensuring the in_* plug-ins are initialised correctly when in_zip loads them
  • unrar.dll rebuilt and optimised the size of it (removes 33k from the publically built version)


  • Altered the code internally to auto-detect the archive type based on the file's header information and not the file extension
  • Re-worked the end of track detection (should at least partly work now compared to the last version and a few before)


  • Fixed an issue which could block user input to Winamp (fixes a keyboard issue i was having and may fix another reported issue)
  • Tweaks and some future proofing


  • Allows blocking of the browser popup window (may flash briefly on blocking due to the OS)
  • Ability to remove the main menu 'Browser' entry (*)
(*) Due to general dumbnes in the modern skin support you may experience some duplicated menu entries due to the browser entry removal after accessing the 'view' and/or 'options' menu in the Modern skin's main window


  • Fixed in_zip's getfileinfo(..) to return -1 as the time to fix some issues when other plug-ins were querying information from it
  • Fixed the handling of '\' and '/' in the files being extracted to fix some incompatability issues
  • Fixed IPC_GET_EXTLIST on 2.x installs to actually work correctly (code clean before the last release broke the mode :( )
  • Hopefully i've correctly implemented a WM_WA_MPEG_EOF handler which should fix the majority of track advance issues reported (my Winamp 2.x install now works everytime!)


  • Hopefully this will detect when the output goes silent and then allows you to do a number of configurable options when the customiseable timeout is reached
    (this will not work if the dsp chain is not used like with drm wma files)


  • Fixed the internal winamp version detection to not break the plug-in (a real dumb one line bug)
  • Added in an implementation of IPC_GET_EXTLIST for 2.x versions of Winamp (which isn't natively supported)
  • Fixed Winamp 2.x support (not too sure how well this works since the stop(..) function was never called for me...)
  • Fixed a memory leak when querying one of the Winamp api's when dealing with viewing/extraction of the archive(s)
  • Added in support for 'exts=1' to be added to the plug-in's settings section (in_zip block) in Winamp.ini which will add zip, rar and 7z to the file types list (which allows for Winamp to detect these files when using the add file(s), add folder, etc features)


  • Enabled playback restore handling on Winamp 5.1 and below (since future Winamp versions have changed the input plug-in api just enough to make it a lot easier to support such a mode)
  • Re-worked the rules support so that it should work 100% now
  • Fixed the plug-in to now not crash on 2.x installs since they don't provide IPC_GET_EXTLIST - legacy support of this may be added...
  • Few minor changes to the input plug-in emulation layer which should make it behave a bit better
  • Anything else i forgot to note


  • Internal cleanup to make the integration/usage of the archive reader easier (e.g. the auto mp3+cdg extraction was limited to zip file only, this change now means a 7z or rar file will work as well)
  • Implemented rules file support (in_zip_rules.ini stored where winamp.ini is to be found) -> %file%.ext, *.ext, *.* and file.* are supported masks for the rule based extraction
  • Fixed a nasty bug with the zip extraction where if the file to extract could not be found it would attempt to extract the last file in the zip when it shouldn't have
  • Fixed the input plug-in emualtion layer to correctly handle the setting of the initial volume on playback with plug-ins that don't call the SetVolume(..) function of the related output plug-in being used
  • Fixed the track advance issue by removing an incorrect check in the Stop(..) function which was testing the IsPlaying(..) when it wasn't needed
  • Implemented playback restore for Winamp 5.11+ (due to changes with the input plug-in load order) - pre 5.11 support will be implemented for 0.5.6.x
  • Few other things i've forgotten to note


  • Added in support for the plug-in pages to be correctly handled if a plug-in is uninstalled or Winamp is made to restart itself and the Winamp preferences dialog is re-displayed on load
  • Altered the 'my_plugin_list.txt' generation to now be output to where winamp.ini can be found (makes it more compatible with 5.11+)


  • Fixed a next song play lockup bug when the root archive entry is played (this bug could force Winamp into an endless loop)


  • Fixed the internal enumeration of supported filetypes to fix an issue brought up by the in_adlib.dll plug-in (which itself does some strange things!)
  • Few small bits of code clean-up
  • Improved the play action on the archive roots to (hopefully) start playing the first extracted zip:// entry after it or any valid entry in the current playlist
  • Updates to the installer so it will only install unrar.dll if it is not already present (need to give the installer more <3 still)


  • Initial version of the plug-in which adds the ability to undo a number of actions made to the current playlist in Winamp
  • Requires Winamp v5.0+ to get full functionality
  • Adds an 'Alt+Z' and playlist editor right click menu to allow for quick access
  • Basic undo queue viewer to see what is in the undo queue(since not all possible modification actions to the playlist are handled)
  • Supports most full playlist removal actions, delete actions in the playlist editor, modification to the playlist when Winamp is initially loaded (e.g. Winamp is made to open with a 'Play in Winamp' command)


  • Fixed IPC_GETPLAYLISTFILE hooking to correctly return the extracted filepath of the currently playing archive file
  • Re-enabled the v0.5.0 alpha cdg auto-extraction feature (related to the above fix)
  • Updated internal handling on init to work properly with future Winamp api changes with original api fallback in place
  • Fixed the root archive entry file information dialog to follow the 'Show only supported files' option when it is first opened


  • Added global hotkey options for the bring to front config option and a show/minimise Winamp option
  • Fixed a crash bug when the preferences was open and Winamp was then closed


  • Added global hotkey options for on/off, toggle single/double click mode and toggle minimise on loss of focus
  • Tweaked the preferences handling to work better with the new global hotkeys


  • Preferences update (well the start of it with an integrated preference page on 5.x systems)
  • Added the new global hotkey config page for allowing customisable hotkeys for file move/clean up at the flip of a shortcut :)
  • Other changes, etc which hopefully haven't broken the existing features of v1.4/v1.7


  • Fixed an issue with folder location handling for newer versions of Winamp
  • Added support to the Add/Open Folder dialogs to now handle b4s and wpl playlist files (asx based ones are not currently scanned for since the processing on them slows Winamp down)
  • Fixed a small potential pointer crash
  • Fixed an issue with folder location handling for newer versions of Winamp
  • Fixed an issue with folder location handling for newer versions of Winamp
  • Fixed a small potential pointer crash
  • Made sure all internal variables are properly initialised (a few minor ones had been missed out)
  • Added in the current Winamp version into the plug-in listing text file


  • Added the option for Winamp to be minimised when another program becomes the active window (provides a 50ms - 2000ms timer for tweaking of this)
  • Re-worked the preferences dialog and naming of the options to be a bit easier on the eye
  • updated and cleaned up the code especially any common code
  • Fixed a bug with the 'Jump to Track' menu entry for the main window song ticker menu with it preventing the correct update of the ratings submenu (due to Winamp handling that menu strangely)
  • Fixed internal enum of supported filetypes which prevented some formats from working correctly with in_zip installed


  • Added (for supporting OS installs) the ability to resize the Add/Open folder dialog (including for the Media Library!)
  • Fixed the Open File Dialog size restore to work at last (this is confirmed to work on 2k/XP test machines but Win9x feature support is not guaranteed)
  • Added in Add/Open Url dialog position handling to match with the other modes implemented (why i didn't do this sooner i don't know)
  • Fixed up a large number of the menu/key shortcut checks to now handle things correctly from all potential actions with better error handling for illegal combinations


  • Fixed a nasty crash issue on load experienced on certain configurations
  • Fixed the retrieval of the currently playing archive entry (broke it fixing the first issue in v0.5.2.5)


  • Fixed a major issue which would prevent stream urls and potentially other file formats from playing
  • Removed an unwanted message to Winamp which was potentially stopping playback restore on start-up for any file format (this may or may not have affected people)
  • Reworked the plug-in's exit code to hopefully not make Winamp crash on exit especially with Modern skins


  • Added in 7z detection to match with the newer version(s) of in_zip
  • Added in the ability to show/hide hidden folders when browsing (this will take effect once that folder level has been collapsed and then expanded again to allow it to update
  • Fixed a potential issue where the settings may not have saved properly
  • Fixed an issue with the double-click enum mode which would appear to flip between the double-click and single-click modes due to an incoorrectly set internal check
  • Added in play and enqueue selected folder options to the right-click menus
  • Implemented initialisation code from in_text (aka Playlist Separator) which should help to resolve most of the crash issues
  • Added in some extra handling just incase which will cope with the above change not working
  • Fixed the reported version information about by the plug-in
  • Fixed crash on exit issues due to incorrect plug-in cleanup (this makes it a lot more stable)
  • Adjusted the initialisation workings of the plug-in to detect and handle the other input plug-ins somewhat better
  • Implented temp folder clean up processing (for when Winamp plays an archive and it crashes for whatever reason so that now it'll keep your temp folder healthier)
  • Added in a check which force stops archive playback when Winamp is closing inorder to properly handle working with Time Restore and Autoplay (in that it won't restore the playback position which was causing crash/lock-up issues - will be removed when i get restore to properly work again)


  • Implemented global hotkey support (requires 5.x for this to work)
  • Fixed trying to access the 'Jump to track' menu option from Winamp's taskbar menu (sysmenu) not working
  • Altered the parentage of the dialog to now work off the currently active Winamp window if Winamp is active so as to work around an issue with Modern skins where the dialog appeared in weird positions
  • Made the dialog appear in the bottom right corner of the screen if Winamp is not active/is hidden/using the hotkey from a different program


  • Reworked the zlib integration to better handle passworded zips (works for the original zip password specs)
  • Properly implemented the unrar support so as to handle passworded rars and also ones with the file(s) stored in folders within the rar
  • Integrated the lzma (7z) ansi decoder into the plug-in (will not work with 7z files which contain folders in them)
  • Removed all '(Archive)' strings from the added playlist entries on request
  • Removed zip / rar entries from the Winamp Preferences filetypes list since it was not a safe option (this may come back as an option though)
  • Improved certain aspects of the temp file creation / cleanup (still needs some better handling to clean up even if Winamp crashed / exited incorrectly whilst playing back an archive file or the plug-in just messed up)
  • Fixed handling of playback to advance correctly to the next track in the playlist if the archive entry could not be extracted / properly played
  • Altered the usage of unrar.dll to look first in \Plugins\in_zip\ and then scan the default system search paths (so if you already have unrar.dll in the Winamp root directory then you can remove the in_zip folder - the installer will be improved in future to allow for this distinction earlier on)
  • Fixed a few minor bugs related to pointer checks, etc
  • Other things i can't remember but a lot has been either re-worked or fully re-written


  • Fixed handling when shuffle is on and the option for picking a random playlist entry between a separator block is turned on as well
  • Fixed the selection code for the random pick mode so that it is now correctly selecting only playlist entries in the separator block
  • Fixed a near fatal lockup when a separator is added to the end of the current playlist and then is attempted to be played
  • Fixed the handling when using the 'previous track' button/action in Winamp so that it now fully matches with the forward/normal play actions
    (this is related to the first and second bug fixes in this release)


  • Fixed a random crash bug in a string comparison function
  • Added in an option to pick a random song between separator blocks (since it is random then if you force play a separator it may appear to pick the same entry a number of times but that's random numbers for you!)
  • Fixed support for the recently added stopping and random selection features when using the previous button in the playlist (so all is now acting consistantly)
  • Fixed the 'Stop when reaching this separator' option so that used it will now use the correct filename when checking if it's already been set to be stopped on (was part broken in v1.7)


  • Fixed handling of the Add/Open URL dialogs to now work correctly when dealing with exentensionless urls like http://blah:1337
  • Fixed handling of urls ending with \ or / when making a temporary download for the testing of urls being asx based playlists


  • Added in matching %artist%, %album%, %year% and %genre% options for the string formatting (so it's easier to read and remember what they are when your create your strings)
  • Updated to my common ini reading code to make my life easier with the code management
  • Checked and updated all buffers/variables to be initialised at all times
  • Added a right-click menu option for setting a current separator to be used as a stopping point in the playlist
  • Added in a %stop% field to do the same as above when a separator is manually entered
    (will show '|| Playback stops here ||' if just separator://?S=%stop% is the added entry)
  • Added in basic colouring support (requires JTFE v0.97R and upwards to be installed - auto disables mode if the required JTFE is not found)
    (This still needs some work to be done to the api in JTFE so it will likely break in the next version)
  • Added in a 'Refresh existing separators' right-click menu option (which will correctly update the separators in place from a nice hack of the Winamp api i found)
  • Tweaked/renamed adjusted a few of the menus/dialogs as needed to make things more consistant/friendlier
  • Few other little tweaks as per normal...


  • Added in the ability to control when an enumeration of the selected folder happens (first selection of the folder, any click made on the folder, double-click on the folder)
  • Tweaked the init code to handle the option for not starting the folder enumeration until the folder is first clicked on
  • Fixed the 'Settings' menu not working
  • Removed 'alpha' status from the plug-in now since it's stable enough it seems...


  • Fixed a focus bug in the Winshade API code where it was making windows stay on top when switching to other Winamp windows
  • Part improved the Winshade restore if the window was winshaded to the bottom of the desktop area (still needs more work...)
  • Fixed the way the Explorer Playlist menus appear on the directory list so any menu actions will now work on the correct folder
  • Fixed the 'view contents' mode to properly show the contents of the selected folder now
  • Fixed the settings dialog and other areas to ensure that the recurse level is always set at a minimum of 1 (since 0 doesn't make sense to be able to be entered!)
  • 95% completed the Winamp Modern skin right click menu issues where menu entries would be lost (the fix means that only correct Modern skin menu functionality exists on Windows 98 / Windows 2000 and up)


  • Implemented the config system along with saving/reading of the current settings between instances of Winamp being used
  • Fixed (i hope) the conflict with JTFE and the slightly older Winshade API code present in the last public build
  • Fixed the skinned display of the treeview control for all possible Classic and Modern skins (wouldn't generate the selection colour(s) correctly
  • Full update on the playlist reading code which should handle things properly be they relative or absolute paths in the playlists (just don't try it on really large playlist since it will go VERY slowly)
  • Code tweaks and making sure all variables are correctly initialised
  • Delayed slightly the explorer playlist window loading (which can be improved more by selecting the 'Start scanning once a folder is clicked on' option
  • Other bits and bobs done, just give it a go


  • Added in an option for the 'forced skin type detection' to not add in empty / invalid skins that are found
  • Fixed a display issue on XP systems for the preferences
  • Altered preferences description to be a bit more informative for the 'forced skin type detection' option
  • Fixed a random case where having alphabetical sorting on would not always leave the 'Winamp Modern' entry at the top of it's menu
  • Made sure all internal variables are correctly initialised before use to remove any potential problems
  • Added support for correctly determining a skin's type if it was stored in more than one sub folder (though in most cases Winamp won't be able to load them at least you know can see what type they are meant to be)
  • Added a globabl hotkey option to all the moving of the current skin to the recycle bin (this won't properly change Winamp to the default skin since there appears to be an issue with the api used possibly but it will display the classic base skin so it's not too much of an issue :) )
  • Added in extra handling for http:// links to attempt to parse them for potential playlists (since the evil people who make the download links make this a possibility)
    (If you do attempt to add in wierd extensionless http:// links into Winamp then there can be a few second delay whilst the plug-in checks for it being a supported playlist type)
  • Added in initial removal of un-supported features from the plug-in when Winamp does not have in_wm.dll present (still alpha)
  • Made sure that all variables are correctly initialised to remove any potential conflicts in the code
  • Finalised the plug-in to 1.2 final now after all of the alpha test builds and generally tidied up the code


  • Improved the handling of multiple dialogs open at the same time to remove the crash/lockup that could happen (one for billyvnilly :) )
  • Updated the code for detecting the opening of the Winamp Preferences to catch all situations now
  • Improved the ML detection (for it's related handling) and when there's no ML present (was using an icky timer :( )
  • Updated the Winamp.ini reading code to my common code


  • Added in a pretty shexy feature to allow for creating a text listing of all of the currently loaded Winamp plug-ins (pulls the information straight from the Winamp preference pages)
  • Fixed an issue where the selected plug-in on the output plug-in page was not maintaining the selection with this plug-in installed
  • Added in support to add the file into the JTFE queue (assuming a v0.97 R version or higher is installed otherwise functionality is the same as the existing 1.1 build)
  • Fixed a nasty temp download issue when doing a link drag and drop onto winamp where full file links such as http://blah/blah.mp3 would be attempted to be downloaded when they shouldn't be)


  • Fixed a display issue where a plug-in name was appended for list entries that don't match up to a real plug-in
  • Removed the incorrect attempt to process plug-in pages other than the gen and ml ones (sloppy page checking caused this so if there were issues with for example input plug-ins not being loaded then the input list would have incorrect addition of the filenames)
  • Implemented decent checking and listing of only properly loaded gen and ml plug-ins (should fix the display issues when a plug-in fails to load and messes with the filenames added)


  • Fixed an issue where doing a drag & drop onto the jtfe enqueue list page in the Winamp preferences would cause Winamp to crash


  • Fixed crash when loading with a new feature in the re-built JTFE being enabled
  • Updated the preference handling code to fix a few minor bugs
  • Fixed link drag and drop handling so it now correctly calls Winamp's handler when it's not a playlist supported by this plug-in


  • Implemented link drag and drop handling from browsers (Internet Explorer/FireFox/etc) onto the main (apart from when using a modern skin) and the playlist windows
  • Improved plug-in exit code to clean up after itself better
  • Implemented preference dialog handling code also when working with other plug-ins which use a similar technique
  • Few minor code alterations and tweaks


  • Alters the Audio CD menu entries under the 'Play' popup in Winamp's main right click menu so it will show if the drive is loaded or show the volume label of the currently loaded disc in the drive(s)


  • Fixed a few incompatibility issues with preference dialog handling between this plug-in and a few others of mine on Win9x systems


  • Fixed to now remove the options if opened from the 'Video Options' menu entry in the video window
  • Improved the Preferences tree parsing to be a bit faster and more robust in it's checks
  • Fixed the code to better detect the opening of the preferences dialog via all possible methods
  • Massively improved the code used to tweak the 'File Types' page for all methods of opening the Winamp preferences
  • Added in an integrated Winamp preferences page (General Preferences -> File Types -> Extra Options on 5.x installs)
  • Implemented a /.wma exclusion list related to any of the currently supported file types
  • Fixed a major issue with mms:// parsing which would appear to fail to load a number of test files (or even crash Winamp)
  • Removed a few incorrect fixed extension checks which was causing mis-handling of some extracted urls
  • Implemented asp url support which should increase support much further!
  • Added a donate feature to the newly styled preference pages
  • Other miscellaneous tweaks and code tidy-ups


  • Major update especially to the internal workings of the plug-in so it should be a lot easier on the system and work better in general
  • Improved skin matching to now work correctly for the different variants of the classic skin specs for focused/high-lighted tree/list items
  • Fixed incorrect colour generation when certain bits of information are missing from the skin files
  • Fixed XP display issues (disables/enables XP theme styles as needed)
  • Fixed some Win9x display issues due to differences in the way certain controls become created
  • Fixed handling of browse for file dialogs to now be skinned correctly and not to cause endless flashing and system slow downs when opened
  • Tweaked dialog and global hotkey text
  • Fixed handling of Modern skin colourtheme changes
  • Improved handling when any type of skin is changed to and from
  • Improved on the fly enable/disable to work far better than before
  • Other misc optimisations and changes, too many and too small to specifically detail


  • Implemented html entity processing for the playlists supported by the plug-in (which resolves some wpl and b4s issues)


  • Added option to just set the title text to 'Winamp'
  • Fixed (finally in an issue with the internal use of IPC_REGISTER_WINAMP_IPCMESSAGE which could lock up Winamp when viewing the open/add file(s) dialogs
  • Adjusted the 'Classic Skin Winshade' code to not forward keypresses from the media library window
  • Altered the 'Classic Skin Winshade' code to better handle fixed and non-fixed playlist editor skin bitmaps (from workarounds for a Winamp skin format bug)
  • Added in blocking of the JTFE (v0.96f/ff) window if the JTFE api version is old / non-existant
  • Fixed the plug-in's menu item insertion for classic and modern skins and improved general handling of the menus


  • Manually adding a separator should now insert 'Various Artist' where applicable
  • Altered code to not allow adding a separator on a separator
  • Added 'remove separator' and 'remove + re-insert separator' options (include keyboard shortcuts!)
  • Added a simple alt+3 file information dialog (needs a lot more <3 )
  • Added in option to show the above dialog when you manually add a separator (clicking 'Cancel' will abort the addition)
  • Improved string display when there's no tag information available
  • Small plug-in to remove the 'Winamp Pro' preferences page (mainly to test out new code but it's pretty useful i think)
  • See installer for info on the 'remove all' and 'remove cd ripping' entries
  • Basically a small plug-in just for me but maybe someone else will like it ;)


  • Adjusted the code for showing the window when 'p' is pressed to work in any winamp skinned frame
  • Implemented 'Classic Skin Winshade' code into the plug-in (generic handling of classic framed windows so they all have winshade now!!!)


  • Installer now includes Example, Slovak, Russian, Lithuanian, German, Hebrew, Danish, Polish, French, Spanish, Finnish, Hungarian and Turkish translations (not all are complete but please feel free to update them and mail me a copy if you want to)
  • Re-written parts of the shellfolder code to work better as per the MS specs (hopefully no more crashes)
  • Fixed collapsing of a folder to no longer incorrectly scan every subfolder as the branch is closed (appears to help with:: the above fix, a potential modern skin crash, and improves overall speed!! )
  • Added in scrolling of the selected item into view if it is not already fully displayed when clicked on


  • Fixed the 'settings' button being hidden when collapsing parts of the folder tree
  • Fixed pressing Alt+F4 in the window to not close the tree control (will need to pass this to winamp eventually)
  • Added in some extra error handling on memory allocation to remove some potential crash issues
  • Added in scrolling the last folder fully into view on restore
  • Adjusted the initialising window code to init fully before restoring the folder path to reduce some loading display issues


  • Fixed an issue with the installer and my plug-in installers so now Winamp can close when the installers are run


  • Worked around a dependancy on the SHGetSpecialFolderPath(..) function for Win95 systems
  • Fixed clicking [x] in the window frame to remove the checkmark from the Winamp menu
  • Improved the window resizing to remove a lot of the flashing of the tree and button
  • Improved the initial display handling for classic and modern skins
  • Fixed and improved Win9x compatibility issues with some of the code
  • Adjusted the restore folder path feature to work on all OSes now (i hope - failed on 9x based systems)
  • Fixed double handling of the 'P' key in the main Winamp window causing fast show/hide effects
  • Fixed the icon display to use a transparent flag which doesn't mess up the current system settings in the Browse for Folder dialogs
  • A few code tweaks and tidy ups...


  • Initial build (excluding the preview ones for testing the initial code)
  • Not much really at the moment but more will be coming...


  • Adds alphabetically sorting option for the IN, OUT, GEN and ML plug-ins
  • Re-coded large parts of the plug-in to increase list creation speed
  • Misc tweaks and fixes...
  • Fixed to work correctly with v1.1 of the 'One for Nunz' plug-in


  • Adds to the General Purpose and Media Library plug-in pages, the actual name of the plug-in onto the end of it's description if not already added


  • Initial version for controlling Winamp's Taskbar text
  • Allows removing of ' - Winamp' from the text
  • Allows removing of the Track number from the text
  • This is experimental so not everything will work correctly (e.g. when scrolling is off and both options are enabled then it displays only a match for the ' - Winamp' removal >> i'll fix this as soon as time permits)
  • Fixed crash when dragging/adding a m3u/pls playlist file to the end of the playlist
  • Improved error checking related to the above fix
  • Dragging an empty playlist on to the main Winamp window now popups up the Open File dialog (just like Winamp does for m3u/pls)


  • Implemented the forced skin type detection
  • Implemented a basic api for other plugins/programs to use (see checkskintype.h)
  • Adjusted the way the K-Jofol option on the prefs dialog is handled with forced checking enabled
  • Fixed file locking issue on scanned zip files
  • Fixed scanning of zip based modern skin files to handle sub directories so less chance of false results


  • Fixed an issue with the plug-in's preference dialog and Modern skins
  • 'Persist' mode is now maintained if the stop button was pressed or closing was aborted
  • When not playing the menu entry is now greyed to indicate the mode is not available
  • (1.5.1 addition) Fix to allow Next on Stop v1.2.1 to advance to the next track correctly when the advance option is enabled (sends a fake stopping message)
  • on/off state is saved to winamp.ini whenever it is altered now (needed for compatibiliy with Close After Current 1.5.1)
  • Added in a 'Do not minimise' option
  • Added in a work around fix for Modern Skins (requires 5.04+ and will break the IPC_IS_EXIT_ENABLED api message)
    [will see if there's any other way eventually]
  • Modern skin fix is an option on the plug-in's config menu


  • Fixed incorrect naming of temp playlist downloads which caused crashes when loading urls


  • Fixed mms:// handling issues (due to a double parsing of the stream url)
  • Improved external mms:// parsing to use the ASX filetype parser


  • Implemented direct mms:// handling (select mms:// in the filetypes list to override WMP!)
  • Tidied up registry handling to correctly free all handles
  • Improved /.wma addition to adapt if '/' is the last character or not


  • Fixed a bug in the asx rollover handling where a blank entry (converted to C:\.wma) was incorrectly being added to the playlist
  • Fixed code handling for the 'import playlist from file' under the playlist entry in the ML to now remove the temp playlist file created
  • Fixed the Drag and Drop handling issues
  • Check out the plug-in's page here


  • All of the changlelog plus...
  • Added in external open/enqueue file handling even when Winamp was not running
  • Fixed crash issue on Win9x systems when open Winamp's 'File Types' preference page
  • Added a small test feature used when opening any of the open/add file dialogs and F7 is held down to output to ofd_listing.txt the strings making up the file extension drop down list
  • Added in external open/enqueue file handling even when Winamp was not running
  • Added in Bookmark handling support (from library and menus)
  • Added in Advanced ASX file - Protocol rollover support
  • Added in wmx handling (is an asx based format)
  • Fixed the code to enumerate any of the asx based playlists and not just asx as in older builds
  • Implemented file association support for the playlist formats provided by the plug-in (set via the filetypes dialog and matches Winamp's own registry handling)
  • Fixed a potential crash on load when the playlist was empty
  • Added in putting the supported urls into the recent url list (on the Open/Add URL dialog(s))
  • Fixed the Open Playlist dialog in the playlist editor not matching Winamp's handling for the added formats
  • Few other code tweaks, etc that i forgot


  • Added in open/add url dialog handling (won't add the url to the recent url list)
  • Fixed the open/add file(s) dialog to have the extra playlist formats added to the end of the 'All supported types' extension list (makes m3u available again!)
  • Modified the .asf handling to now add ?=.wma or &=.wma as needed so there's more chance of Winamp playing the file without editting the added entry


  • Fixed the open file dialog handling to ignore the 'load eqf' variant


  • Added option to set a file or playlist to be loaded into Winamp as it is started
  • An extension of the above, clearing the specified file loads Winamp with an empty playlist
  • Updated language file to v1.3


  • Added alphabetical sorting of the menu entries <3
  • Typo fix on the preference dialog
  • Fixed drag+drop handling issues (the code was removing the first added file in all cases and not when it was meant to be)
  • Added in exclusion of adding /.wma to .pls, .m3u and .mts (custom type request) entries just incase they're in the asx style file


  • Implemented drag+drop handling of the supported filetypes and works like Winamp does
  • File downloading powered by a tweaked jnetlib v0.42
  • Recursive asx, wax and wvx files now work ie blah.asx in my.asx
  • Fixed a crash bug when the media library was not installed
  • Fixed asf handling when in_dhsow is not installed to force add ?=.wma so it will play
  • Improved handling of asf files to only add /.wma on to the end if it's not an absolute filename (blah.asf)
  • Fixed asx handling to only add valid entries and not anything matching href="" in an <entry... /> block
  • Anything else i did but forgot to note down!
  • Added in options to allow pausing or stopping when the close button is clicked
  • Popup menu used for the config options
  • See here for info about the known issue


  • Clicking the close button will minimise Winamp and all related windows
  • Selecting the close menu entry options acts like normal
  • Holding the 'alt' key will allow the normal action
  • See here for info about the known issue


  • Better integrates into the open/add file dialogs in the main window and playlist editor repsectively
  • Basic ml support to now add the playlists in under the 'Playlist' entry in the ml's left pane
  • Added asx, wvx and wax format support (hence the plug-in name change from B4S Playlist Loader)
  • auto /.wma append for the entries in the asx/wvx/wax files so in_wma will be correctly used to decode them (in_dshow ain't great for them at times)
  • Added basic wpl (Windows Media Player) playlist support - one for Egg


  • Added the ability to break up the submenus into menubar blocks
  • Added ability to break up the main submenu entries across the screen in blocks
  • Added in preferences page for all of the new and to come options
  • Tweaks and final fixes to the new code
  • Fixed prefs not holding the menu block size when closed (damn you Windows)
  • Altered lower limit to be 1 for the block size to prevent a divide by zero situation/li>


  • fixed a really nasty crash bug which only showed up for a few streams
  • few other tweaks to the code related to the crash fix


  • updates the current time when the tooltip is reshown
  • added in '[Stopped]' and '[Paused]' states
  • now only shows the current playback time when the full length isn't available ie streams
  • few tweaks to ensure it won't crash winamp in odd situations
  • will now correctly work when winamp is run with the /class switch (would crash on close and no menu items were added)
  • added a basic config dialog
  • added setting of the default string on the config dialog
  • added option to stop playback when a separator is played


  • initial release appends elapsed and track length to the end of the tooltip e.g [0:53/3:12]
  • more to come...


  • fixes crash bug when switching language
  • adding a separator manually now will show the correct tag information
  • using the full scan now inserts a separator on the first entry
  • fixed a few potential thread issues
  • altered title retrievel to compare the the artist tag of the next two files to determine if it's a 'Various Artist' album and this is shown as needed
  • progress dialog becomes visible if the scan lasts longer than ~1 second
  • when the progress dialog closes, focus is restored correctly back to the playlist now
  • all changes in other builds since 1.3