Winamp Plug-in Releases (2006)

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Releases for: 
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  • Reworked the initialisation code to better detect and ignore the media library main window (i hope it fixes the few crash on close reports of late)
  • Implemented basic support for skinning of comboboxes (it's not ideal i doubt will be but that's what you get with hacking in drawing stuff)
  • Improved the quit code on restart and OS state changes (like shutdown/restart)
  • Changed a few internal api implementations around to better conform to specs
  • Added in support of the plug-in pages when using a compatible version of One for Nunz plug-in


  • Added to the report the time and date it was generated at
  • Added in some detection of the current skin type (classic/modern/invalid) to make seeing what they are a bit easier


  • Made an adjustment so it can now find the owner archive (if it exists) of any zip:// entries in the playlist (related to in_zip)


  • Improved handling of cda:// entries when inserting separators


  • Allows you when scroll lock is on to enter the a letter and for the first match to that to either be highlighted, played or just shown in the playlist (requires a 0.97x build of JTFE for that to work)
  • If no match is found then currently in the jumper mode the existing keyboard action (if there is one will be allowed)
  • This is an early version so things are still likely to change/be buggy (but not too bad i hope)


  • Brought the plug-in uptodate with my current plug-in specs (uses newer apis, etc where possible for less conflict of menu items)
  • Tweaked the preferences dialog (adjusted sizes and removed anything not needed now)
  • Implemented the ability to continue rewinding into the previous track (wasn't implemented before - only fast forwarding)
  • Removed the mini version of the config dialog and made the custom menu options use the main dialog (as the features could be useful in that case)
  • Altered the handling of skin changes so this should now update the hilighted separator entries correctly (wasn't doing it in all cases)


  • Fixed a crash bug introduced in 2.05 when the playlist is empty


  • Added in a workaround to allow wma files to be restored (since changes to in_wm altered seeking support when a wma file is started to be played)
  • The wma hack uses a 250ms delay, if this is/isn't enough then add wma_hack=xxx to the [Time Restore & AutoPlay] section of your winamp.ini (wma_hack=100 works well for me so i don't experience a slight glitch as the file playback starts before the file can be seeked through)
  • Fixed the enq+play action to work correctly if the current file is already paused and an enq+play action is done


  • Will now correctly find playlist entries like c:\hello.cue,1 and C:\1943 Kai.hes::HES,$1F,Game Over,6,,0


  • Fixed the language support to work again (the location of the plugins\cac folder wasn't being correctly generated)
  • Adjusted the language selection combo to not sort the files and to remove the editbox style to it
  • Added german and turkish translations


  • Added 'General: Quit (Close to Tray version)' hotkey since i can't easily detect the quit hotkey built into gen_hotkeys.dll


  • File Copier v0.7
    • Added in ability to have a 'copy actions' menu in Winamp's main menu for easy access without having to use only the global hotkeys
  • Fixed buffer overflow issue when using ?n=xxx and xxx was 260+ - now handles upto 2048 and will clip to 2048 if over this
  • Fixed the preview sections on the config dialog to correctly display single ampersand characters


  • Will now report service pack version (or A, B or C for different versions of Win9x)
  • Added in status of the Sonic Burning Engine being installed or not
  • Added in Pro registration status of the Winamp (will not output anything extra for non-Pro installs)


  • Added OS version and system memory size to the report output


  • File Copier v0.666
    • Initial release of my playlist selection/current playlist copier (a bit like gen_yar) but is to deal with ml_pmp/pmp_usb's inability to copy files in the order specified (which i need for my portable device) - provided as is so any file loss issues are not my fault


  • Kill Predixis v1.1.1
    • Now updates Winamp's install.ini so using the previous install option when updating Winamp will not have Predixis as a selected option


  • Added a preferences option to allow placing of the menu entries this plug-in adds onto the playlist editors right-click menu to be added as in older versions or to be placed in a submenu to keep the menu smaller
  • Fixed a quirk with alpha sorting and the output plug-in page where it could list the wrong plug-in as being active on some setups


  • Reworked the startup code to wait for all media library plug-ins to be loaded before hooking all of the plug-ins
  • Added support for ml_wire (uses some extra hacks to work compared to the other media library plug-ins) and ml_pmp


  • Added a ini only setting 'menu_on=0' in the [Playlist Separator] section of winamp.ini to hide all of the playlist editor menu entries this plug-in can add
  • Reworked the preferences to use an integrated preferences page now on 5.x systems (under General Preferences -> Archive Support)
  • Implemented a rules editor for the in_zip_rules.ini in the new preferences dialog
  • Fixed an issue with repeat track (repeat + manual advance enabled) handling which could send in_zip into an endless loop
  • Minor code reorganisation to merge common code to save some on the dll size (~1kb to part offset the code increase of new features)
  • Added holding down the tab key when starting to play the root of an archive will only extract and will not start Winamp playing
  • Adds enqueue and play menu actions to complement the play and enqueue right click menu options for ml_local, ml_bookmarks, ml_playlists, ml_history and ml_disc (ml_wire and ml_pmp handling will come in time)


  • Adds the ability to prevent the mousewheel from changing the volume in Winamp's main window (is hard coded on)
  • Fixed the plug-in to work without the persist mode having to be enabled (bug introduced in 1.6)
  • Altered the plug-in to only show the closing options submenu when Winamp is playing and not in all cases as before
  • Altered the internal handling on startup to work better with the Time Restore and Autoplay plug-in's delay load option (could incorrectly cause this one to enter a load/unload loop)
  • Internal changes to allow this to work better with the Close to Tray plug-in (when the compatability option is enabled in that plug-in)
  • Altered the compatability option for working with Close after Current plug-in to hopefully be more reliable on different installs
  • Added a compatability mode to allow Winamp to close as some would expect it to do so with Close after Current (only shows if v1.6+ of Close after Current is installed)


  • Fixed an issue between this and the close to tray plug-in (well it was the only plug-in that i could find from the plug-in pack which broke it)
  • Changed the default handling of the 'Winamp Pro' page was made so that it will be removed if your Winamp is a pro version but you can force it to be removed by unchecking the 'Only remove if registered' option


  • Fixed (i hope) a weird issue with the bookmark menu when put into submenus and the first menu duplicating itself recursively


  • Adds a 'randomise playlist' option to Winamp's Global Hotkeys


  • Removed a 'beep' when viewing the config options for the plug-in
  • Reworked some of the bookmark menu handling code so that it should be working correctly now
  • Added in handling of the Play -> Bookmark menu (can't remember when that was added into Winamp) so that it can have sub-menus as with the main bookmark menus
  • Fixed a corruption issue with the File -> Play bookmark menu entry for the Modern skin main window


  • Adds a 'clear current playlist' option to Winamp's Global Hotkeys


  • Fixed (yet again) a random crash on close issue that i've been having due to the config dialog not being correctly destroyed which prevented the config dialog from being re-shown once closed
  • Added the ability to set the digital silence threshold (useful for things like line-in checks)
  • Reworked the preferences dialog to hopefully be easier to use with all of the new options
  • Added ability to use NET SEND to send a message to another computer (assuming the Windows Messenger service is enabled still)
  • Added an idle timeout so will be able to start Winamp playing if it's not been playing for a specified time (5 to 300 seconds)
  • Fixed the option for restarting the current entry to do a full start to ensure it's consistant if Winamp had been paused for the idle timeout
  • Made improvements to the loading time of the alt+3 dialog with large archives (especially the HVSC sets) (few api tweaks and removed the sorting of the list)
  • Altered the way in_zip looks for unrar.dll and unacev2.dll to look in Plugins\in_zip then Plugins\ and then on the system file paths (useful for sharing just one unrar.dll,etc)
  • Fixed a bug with the handling of unacev2.dll which would cause it to be repeatedly loaded when it only needed to be loaded the once
  • Altered the reading of the zip:// entry titles so that it aborts as soon as possible and not looping through to the end of the archive (would cause a noticable slowdown with large archives)
  • Fixed a bug in the title query code for root archive entries which could cause Winamp to lock up (fixed thanks to Mouser X's funny winamp.ini)
  • Fixed the config dialog to not have a resizeable frame (was some how incorrectly set to have it)
  • Fixed a few buffer allocation issues which were noticeable when dealing with long zip:// entries
  • Removed some code from the rar and ace extraction code which was incorrectly stripping the rar file paths back and so would cause playback failure by trying to play invalid archive entries
  • Added the option (apart for ace archives due to issues with the ace code) to now extract all playlists found when the root archive is played
  • Fixed the 'extract first playlist' option to actually extract the first playlist found (could sometimes extract all playlists - fixed due to the above change)
  • Updated the default in_zip_rules.ini to support the msf format (would need to be manually edited in as required otherwise)
  • Reworked the adding of zip:// entries when the root archive is played to get speed improvements on 5.3+ (due to a temp playlist creation and insertion now that one of Winamp's apis works as expected - massively saves time for large archives like the HVSC ones)
  • Other minor code cleanups/tweaks to help improve (i hope) the speed of the plug-in on extraction/viewing of the archive contents


  • Initial release of a reimplementation of Winamp3's exclude file from playback feature
  • See the installer for more notes, etc about this


  • Fixed a random crash bug


  • Fixed a random memory allocation bug (most noticeable for some people when bookmarking streams)


  • Added in a hotkey for finding the current file (normally the currently playing file) in the playlist
  • Added in the ability to have the hotkey entry text translated (see the installer notes)
  • Implemented correct handling of the play/enqueue menu items when right-clicking the sub-categories in the media library tree (still need to handle the enter/shift+enter situation)


  • Fixed preset insertion to use the file at the insertion point as the basis for any metadata queries (one for Scott12)
  • Fixed the preferences dialog not being able to be re-opened multiple times (was a bit random)
  • Fixed the about dialog to only be opened once at a time (could be opened multiple time before)


  • Altered the plug-in to use appropriate unicode interfaces for 5.25+ compatability (i'll have to do some more work on this but it's enough for the moment)
  • Re-worked some more of the menu handling code so that it'll display the 'stop on this' menu and will be checked to reflect the state, etc
  • Added in a submenu option for the 'extras' menu to open the plug-in's configuration quickly
  • Implemented the preview mode on the alt+3 dialog (along with a fixes for missing ?s= parts in the entries as needed (will hide them when viewed btw)
  • Fixed the refreshing of separators not always working correctly
  • Fixed (i hope) the ability to set the default separator via the preferences (just have to enter the string that's needed eg '?S=default' )
  • Fixed the handling of the colouriser with the current skin colours not being displayed in the colour picker
  • Few other miscellaneous code tweaks, etc that i've forgotten
  • Fixed the 'reload playlist' preferences option not working correctly (incorrect variable check)
  • Fixed the deletion code to not make Winamp start playing if it wasn't already
  • Fixed the removal of the last file in the playlist to have playback correctly stopped so removal can happen (would often fail beforehand)
  • Reworked the shutdown code so that the standby and hibernate options are now available
  • Fixed the handling for backing up of the winamp playlist to correctly fallback to the winamp.ini location if the m3u playlist path is invalid
  • Updated some of the common code for the plug-in (may have fixed the language support not working in the last build - was broken for me for a while)
  • Added some 5.25+ compatabilities (will try to use appropriate unicode apis/files where it can now for better compatability)
  • Fixed an issue where the preferences would show a [+] by it's name when using a feature from the Lite-n plug-in
  • Verified the preferences to make sure that they should be able to be correctly tabbed through
  • Fixed the 'set' button the global hotkeys page not being disabled when the hotkeys mode was disabled


  • Made an adjusment to how titles are handled so doing alt+3 on the playing extracted file should now keep the correct title and not revert back to the extracted file name
  • Fixed separator insertion to work correctly (some of the auto-insert handlers broke the normal behaviour :( )
  • Updated the common code used by the plug-in
  • Tweaked the exit handling to follow in_zip's improved implementation
  • Fixed the progress dialog to appear in all cases now (wouldn't always show under certain circumstances)
  • Altered the plug-in to use Winamp's IPC_FORMAT_TITLE api so all of Winamp's ATF options should now be available
  • Added in a %dir_size% option for separators to show the size of all supported file formats in the folder the separator relates to
  • Moved the plug-in over to using a number of newer Winamp api's where possible inorder to remove menu item conflicts, etc (as could happen occasionally)
  • Reworked some of the separator menu options code to work better (especially on item specific options)
  • Added the ability to specify the string shown for the %stop% variable (when used as ?S=%stop%)
  • Added in previews of the relevant separator strings in the preferences (still need to do it for the alt+3 dialog)
  • Added in the ability to specify 10 customisable presets (available from the right-click playlist editor menu)
  • Added in a 'F6' hotkey to the playlist editor to allow for a quick refresh of all existing separators
  • Added in the ability to have separators automatically added on playlist changes (still experimental)
  • Added the ability to edit the separators from the alt+3 dialog
  • Other miscellaneous changes and code cleanups/improvements that i can't remember


  • Fixed an issue where the selection of always selected preference pages wouldn't work correctly with duplicate names (who'd have 2 out_ds's installed anyway?? :P )


  • Adjusted the saving of the preferences options to happen when changed (no need for unnecessary processing on exit)
  • Fixed the settings to actually be saved now (trying to write the ini settings into a folder is soooo silly)


  • Fixed the preferences so that the child pages can be correctly tabbed through now and fixed the tabbing order within the pages to be consistant


  • Fixed a random crash on close issue that i've been having with this from the start of making it (doesn't crash for me now anymore)


  • Added in a workaround to allow in_zip + in_snes on a NTFS drive to work correctly irrespective of the plug-in loading order (really need to work out how to easily apply this fix to all in_* that in_zip handles one day)
  • Adds the ability for the media library tree entries to remember their collapsed state between Winamp restarts
    * If a node is collapsed but the view not changed then Winamp will re-expand the node as needed (i may override that at some point)
    * If you have the JTFE media library integration enabled with favourites then they will not be processed due to JTFE removing them before ML Lite-n can process them
  • Fixed the plug-in to only handle files which really exist and not urls/virtual entries (was silly IE being opened)
  • Corrected the preference handling code to not incorrectly display a [+] next to the 'Autoplay Options' entry when using one of the new Lite-n builds options for the preference's tree
  • Upped the timeout maximum timeout wait to 300 seconds (from user request)
  • Tweaked the shutdown code to make sure (i hope now everything has been correctly closed such as the timer)


  • Added in extra information in the reports of all Winamp paths (dsp,vis,skins), current skin and also active plug-ins as appropriate
  • Added in hnadle of the dsp page for the psuedo column mode
  • Fixed the vis page handling to handle all valid vis plug-ins (since they don't have to have 'vis_' at the start to be detected (strange imho)
  • Fixed the dsp and vis plug-in checks to use the correct folders and not just the standard plug-in's folder
  • Added in re-selection of the selected item in the listbox when the 'my_plugin_list.txt' has been generated
  • Added ability to remember the collapsed state of the preference tree items
  • Added ability to have buttons next to the expandable tree items to show the expanded/collapsed state
  • Few internal tweaks to keep the dll size down
  • Altered/expanded on some of the help information provided on the custom dialog


  • Fixed a invalid buffer check that would lock up when viewing the dsp page on most systems
  • Added in listing of the installed enc_* plug-ins
  • Made a tweak to the winamp version reporting so it'll report 5.2 as 5.2 and not 5.20 (just for consistancy)
  • Fixed an issue with recent Winamp 5.2x builds which caused incorrect reporting of the media library plug-ins (essentially duplicated sections)
  • Fixed handling of future Winamp versions (again i hope)
  • Implemented a psuedo column mode so it's now clearer to see the plug-in names in the preference pages
  • Added option to re-open the preferences on changes (works best with OS Pos Restorer i find)
  • Reworked a number of other areas to work slightly better especially with the new column mode
  • Improved removal of duplicated dllnames in the preference listings (especially useful with newer (unreleased) Winamp 5.25+ builds
  • Anything else i forgot


  • Fixed the handling of the new style zip://_archive_|_entry_ entries which could fail in certain cases (but not anymore i hope)
  • Fixed the Winamp version checking to ensure the unicode features are enabled correctly for 5.25+
  • Fixed an issue where hitting the escape key when using the preferences would cause them to disappear incorrectly
  • Adjusted slightly the handling of the settings saving timer (it will still cause a cpu spike when Winamp is saving the playlist [if enabled] )
  • Made a minor adjustment to the preferences implementation for checkboxes instead of radiobuttons for some of the options
  • Has a few extra/updated language files now as well :)


  • Added ability to specify the main temp folder for where archives are temporarily extracted to
  • Added in some info for non playing zip:// entries when viewing the alt+3 dialog
  • Added in ability to extract and use the first playlist found in the archive (see prefs for options to enable this mode) but more playlist handling will come!
  • Added in a workaround to allow in_zip + in_nez on a NTFS drive to work correctly irrespective of the plug-in loading order
  • Added in the ability to use zip:// entries in the form of zip://_archive_|_entry_ instead of the original zip://_archive_,_idx_ method (default for non-playlist entries for slight speed benefit)
  • Updated to work with the finalised 5.25+ unicode interface so titles will display correctly in recent and final Winamp builds
  • Improved clearing up of the temp extracted folders (especially when using rules extraction) to no longer leave files until shutdown (1.3Gb of temp data after 18hrs play is just not acceptable and if you run out of temp space it's possible to have Winamp enter a playback loop!)
  • Reworked a large part of the code handling the different archive formats to hopefully be slightly faster and to remove unwanted duplicate processing
  • Fixed the handling of the dsp (and newer replaygain methods) for formats like mp3 where before it would double-apply the settings (thanks to benski)
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong zip:// entry was played if you'd previous tracked over a root archive entry and then tried to play the root entry again
  • Everything else that was required to alter the code to work with playlists in it's current state


  • Updated to fix support with 5.25+ and unicode filenames (will work correctly on all NT bases OSes and for Win9x there is appropriate fallback support which should be enough)
  • Is now dependant on the 0.97+ builds of the JTFE plug-in to work as per installer notes
  • Made it more compatible in menu registering with later 5.1x+ builds of Winamp


  • Made a potential fix/change for the entry in the preferences list not changing when the language is changed on Win9x installs (will need to properly fix my common code for this at some stage...)
  • Otherwise recompiled as 2.0 (a final at last, yipee!)


  • Tries to set the EQ to the preset which matches the currently playing file's genre (a more sensible 'auto' mode i think)
  • Fixed a recursion bug introduced in 0.6 which prevented the plug-in correctly removing some of the pages
  • Fixed an older OS api conflict
  • Added ability to redisplay the preferences after changes have been made (works well is OS Pos Restorer i find ;) )
  • Fixed the plug-in to work correctly after Winamp is made to restart and the preferences is opened (like a plug-in removal)
  • Added in the ability to specify which pages are now removed (along with the default ones) - see the plug-in's built in help for more
  • Fixed to handle removal of preference entries upto 3 layers deep (handles the JTFE 'Missing Files' page now
  • Anything else i forgot since i'm sure there's something


  • Fixed issues with the preferences not being saved if open on Winamp close
  • Fixed the save playback state option not being correctly saved
  • Preferences moved over to an integrated page (or separate dialog on pre 5.x installs) and adjusted the layout accordingly to reflect changes/information required
  • Updated language file to v1.5 - covers all strings now again
  • Miscellaneous updates/common code upgrades to match better with other plug-in updates
  • Anything else to trivial to remember/comment about


  • Made gen_undo now use winamp.m3u8/*.m3u8 as the prefered backup playlist on Winamp 5.25+ (so it can restore unicode entries correctly)
  • Adjusted a few other areas which were fixed to just *.m3u so that it's now consistant for ansi (pre 5.25) and unicode (5.25+) installs
  • Few minor code tweaks to improve internal layout of things
  • Fixed the clear undo queue option to not remove everything (*.*) but instead be based on *.m3u* so only *.m3u or *.m3u8 should be removed - for Egg


  • Updated code to use correct unicode apis on 5.25 installs (now they're there for final)
  • Fixed an inconsistancy in the ansi code where it incorrectly stored the currently playing zip:// entry minus the ,X part - caused titles, etc to fail
  • Few minor code cleanups to keep code size down


  • Fixed in_zip to work correctly when JTFE queues a zip:// entry or any queries on zip:// entries related to the IPC_GETPLAYLISTFILE api


  • Made the plug-in have a mini config option to save messing around with winamp.ini
  • Added the ability to also remove the 'Station Info' and 'Playback' (5.25+) pages
  • Code cleanup and all that


  • Removed msvcrt.dll dependancies (saves just a little bit off the dll size)
  • Improved multi-instance handling of the windows to correctly save their settings as needed (wasn't 100% correct before in the internal builds)
  • Implemented the embedded media library explorer playlist view (acts the same as the individual window but is in the media library and can be resized to an extent)
  • Fixed a number of gui issues with alignments and placements (not sure if it was just from my internal versions or in previous builds)
  • Fixed the initial display of the individual window to be correctly located in the window and not over the top left corner of the window (should give a slight speed up on initial display since it's not having to be re-drawn as many times)
  • Reworked some of the internal api implementations for better OS compatability (it now works on my test Win98 install, heh)
  • Removed NxS Thinger support
  • Reworked the exit handling code (previous crashes were part related to some of the media library integration code being active when it wasn't meant to be and the media library plug-in being unloaded before this one when closing Winamp)
  • Removed the winshade code from the plug-in (is now down to JTFE to provide it in all cases where possibe)
  • Made sure that the basic config dialog (preferences -> general purpose -> plug-in's option) is correctly destroyed if open when Winamp is being closed
  • Added ability to turn on/off the individual window without having to restart Winamp (is still needed for any other views) - this will potentially mess up the main menu though with duplicate/incorrectly removed entries
  • Fixed handling of some playlists (wasn't correctly bounds checking) so it now shouldn't make Winamp crash by trying to send empty playlist entries)
  • Fixed the handling of the enumerate files & playlists option so that it should now be correctly displaying all files and playlists in a folder (was incorrectly clearing the playlist after partial processing of the folder which wasn't intended
  • Fixed a bug (also in JTFE which will be fixed for the next build) where it wasn't correctly handling mixing between playlists with relative and absolute paths so it would often add entries as relative path+absolute path which of course wouldn't play
  • Made on clean installs the 'Start enumeration on first click after loading' option to now be the default (otherwise you can potentially lose your playlist when not expected but that's what gen_undo is for, heh *shameless plug*)
  • Other minor tweaks/fixes which should hopefully make the plug-in stabler than the 0.4x series (time will only tell on that though)


  • Fixed the plug-in incorrectly storing and restoring the position of child windows (like the preference dialog pages so they would disappear out of view)
  • Reworked the shutdown code to work slightly more reliably than before
  • Re-validated some of the code to follow better practices
  • Added support for the 5.22+ media library so that it will handle the browse for file dialog in the media library again
  • Adjusted when window position information is saved which could happen depending on the order in which the plug-in was loaded (responsible for some of the reports of this not working i think)
  • Fixed the reading back in of the window positions - wouldn't read the size values correctly (and another reason for the reports of the plug-in not working well i think)


  • Implemented handling of the plug-in's associated extension list to be used to add to the files which the plug-in will attempt to handle (was only handling the built-in defaults before so vgmrar should work now :) )
  • Fixed the handling of different extensions (found due to the above change) so that it now isn't fixed to 3 character extensions for some internal handling


  • Fixed handling when m3udir was invalid or incorrectly passed to the plug-in by Winamp (now it should fallback gracefully)
  • Added in display of the backup playlist sizes (where applicable) mainly for my development purposes but i thought it'd be useful for others, heh
  • Added in internal handling of the IPC_PE_DELETEINDEX api (such as used by my Playlist File Remover plug-in)
  • Fixed some of the undo actions not correctly restoring the current playlist entry (Winamp sometimes doesn't update it's display correctly but hitting 'play' will give the correct results from tests)
  • Fixed the Undo Queue viewer to correctly remember it's size, etc in all cases now (wasn't doing so if open and Winamp was closed)
  • Made the playlist shortcuts (Alt+Z,etc) to work from some of the other windows now (mainly for my use)


  • Fixed a potential crash issue with incorrectly formed input plug-ins when in_zip is enumerating the supported types
  • Added in a few extra checks to better handle some aspects of in_* plug-ins not being set (unlikely to be from normal plug-ins but showed up when developing with another in_* plug-in which hadn't been fully formed)
  • Improved exit handling when the config or about dialogs are open so that it won't crash Winamp if they were open at the time of exiting


  • Added in a preferences dialog for allowing the association of archives/files with the plug-in (if the code doesn't detect the right header in the files associated then they aren't going to play)
  • Enabled preferences option for the ability to remove the root archive entry once played (saves the manual editing as required
  • Adjusted the alt+3 dialog handling so that it now won't reset the title when used on the non currently playing tracks (handling for the currently playing item is still a bit iffy)
  • Removed the alpha status since it's now in a stable state as far as i'm concerned (just don't play archives with archives in them)


  • Fixed in_zip_rules.ini being incorrectly created in the wrong location on some installs (mainly older 5.x/2.x ones)
  • Updated to prempt the 5.25 (or next feature release) of Winamp and it's unicode support (older versions of in_zip will not work correctly with newer Winamp versions due to the internal changes)
  • Reworked handling of a number of the internal in_* emulation api used to better match with Winamp's behaviour and quirks (should be more reliable now)
  • Fixed the extraction of a number of zip files which would fail before due to incorrect indexing of the valid files to the zip:// entries when attempted to be played
  • Added in skipping of invalid zip:// entries (would otherwise lock up Winamp in older versions or do evil crashing)
  • Fixed a massive issue with the zip:// entry generation when 'read titles on playlist load' was the selected title reading option (thanks to Mouser X on finding and helping confirm the fix on this one!!)
  • Added in correct clearing of the temp archive extraction folders if zip:// playback failed (would clear them on exit/next run but not there and then beforehand)
  • Removed some unneccesary and duplicated code (could give a little speed up on title generation)
  • Added in a check to the zlib code so i can test for deflate64 compressed zips (which zlib doesn't support) and can now warn of this when trying to playback such a compressed zip file (alas zlib doesn't look like it'll get such support for the forseeable future)
  • Now if extraction on the main zip:// entry fails, the rules will not be applied to it (which makes sense and speeds up processing of invalid/failed entries)
  • Fixed the plug-in to now allow for you to skip back over the root zip entries (using the previous action in Winamp - would always jump forward with older versions of in_zip)
  • Add rem_zip_root=1 into the [in_zip] section of winamp.ini to allow the root zip entries to be removed from the playlist a soon as it is played to extract out the supported zip:// entries from it (one for Mouser X)
  • Fixed the rar handling to correctly ignore folder entries in all listings size calculations (wasn't correctly ignoring them before)
  • Lots of other minor tweaks, code verification and improvements so this should be better than the old 0.5x series of the plug-in
  • Anything else i've forgotten since i'm sure this is some things, heh


  • Added in output of the currently used language pack (*.lng file) if one is being used
  • Added in listing of pmp_*.dlls (as long as ml_pmp.dll was found and was correctly loaded)
  • Fixed parsing of the DSP page to work correctly with language packs for the '(none)' entry where possible


  • Implemented 'edit bookmark category' for all of the sub-categories (may cause some display flashing on changes)
  • Altered the handling of delete/backspace in the 'edit bookmark category' to act more like how the OS handles auto-complete actions ie it'll just remove the selected text and not re-auto-complete the text which was left


  • Fixed the handling of the edit bookmark option to not clear out the bookmarks in the other categories (was a really dumb bug) though the view will appear empty whilst the edit dialog is open (this will be dealt with a future build hopefully)
  • Adde a speed optimisation for 5.22+ installs which should speed up (to an extent) mass bookmarking from the playlist editor (only refreshes the list once all entries have been added)
  • Few tweaks to improve the plug-in's parsing of
  • Reworked the deletion handling code so it should be a bit more responsive with a larger number of bookmark
  • Fixed the deletion of bookmarks to only return to the bookmark root view when all bookmarks of the current category and not in all cases (as was the case beforehand)
  • Few other little code cleanups/reorganisation


  • Fixed the incorrect generation of the categories when an entry was removed from one and there were mutltiple bookmarks in it which would cause multiple categories of the same type to be listed


  • Fixed the plug-in to work correctly be it under 5.22+ (related to the splitting out of the bookmarks section into ml_bookmarks.dll) or on older 5.x versions (where it was all integrated into gen_ml.dll)
  • Added ability to alphabetise the bookmark categories (in the ML listing only for the moment, not the main Winamp bookmark area)
  • Fixed the plug-in to use the same bookmark icon as Winamp uses for the bookmark root on 5.2+ installs (compatability with the ml_icons plug-in is not guaranteed for older installs)
  • Implemented correct handling for the delete bookmark options _especially_ from the sub category views which is finally implemented!!
  • Improved some of the internal error handling to cope better with any delays in processing of the bookmark lists (could cause some random crashes in the worst case)
  • Just a bit more usable in general with all of the above fixes :)


  • Reworked media library plug-in's listing to work with the changes made in 5.22 (some of the plug-in's are added in a fixed order due to the splitup of gen_ml)


  • Added in handling for external drag and drop actions (should be the last main action which could require an undo event)


  • Fixed support for Winamp 2.x
  • Fixed removal of the last playlist entry if playing to not fail due to it being in use and causing a sharing issue (the global hotkey removal was already handling this correctly)
  • Fixed the global hotkeys to work correctly again (compiler optimisation broke support in the 2.1.5 builds)
  • Adjusted the handling of the plug-in's global hotkeys page so that it will only prompt for a restart if a hotkey was removed/altered instead of also doing it for new additions whilst in use (which can be done on the fly)


  • Adds the ability to remove the icons from the media library if added natively by it or via the ml_icons plug-in (for those who like the minimal look)
  • This plug-in may eventually allow for full customisation of the icons used (or not) but we shall see...


  • Added two hotkeys to allow for switching to bookmark view (does what ctrl+alt+i does in the main window) and adding the current playlist entry as a bookmark (alt+i in the main window)
  • Added in a hard-coded block on dragging of the list entries (until i fix the regeneration in this situation)
  • Fixed dialog resource id conflicts in 2.1.5 (related to other pending internal changes)
  • Updated french and german language files to v1.1 support (big thanks to glop and koopatrooper!)


  • Added a global hotkey for enabling/disabling the main set of options on the plug-in's first prefernce page
  • Updated language file to v1.1
  • Fixed XP styling of the preferences
  • Fixed issues with multiple hotkeys not being correctly registered (memory corruption issue)
  • Fixed some internal messages to work correctly on all OSes
  • Altered the handling of the default file remove hotkey to correctly use the language file translation where possible unless it has been manually altered (one for Koopatrooper)


  • Reworked the internal cache handling so it will save out only what's needed to winamp.ini and better protects itself against unexpected issues ie someone tampering with the backups
  • Improved the clear queue code so that it'll remove all files in the queue and those that are left over and to full clear anything from winamp.ini
  • Removed the millisecond display from the time of the queue event in the undo queue viewer
  • Added in ability to limit the number of undo queue events that are held by the plug-in
  • Added a clear undo queue and backup folder option to the plug-in's preferences (same as the clear undo option on the undo queue viewer but is accessible when there's no undo queue
  • Improved the handling of an internal message used on startup to work better on Win9x systems
  • Added the option to save the current state of the undo queue out to winamp.ini on all undo queue changes (default off since it may cause some slow downs but will handle Winamp crashes correctly so the queue list would be preserved)
  • Added in the ability to block a number of user actions on the playlist editor (left-click,right-click,double-click(though should still allow winshade to be activated),keyboard and mousewheel


  • Fixed the displaying of the preferences to work more than once (bug i missed from the 1.2 alpha builds)
  • Added an option for the screensaver control to just block the screensaver from being started instead of also opening the currently chosen visualisation
  • Made a slight tweak to the exit code to do with the global system screensaver override feature
  • Fixed some internal api implementations for better usage compatability
  • Fixed a crash bug when the preferences dialog was forced open too early in Winamp's initialisation phase (and improves this plug-in's initialisation as well)
  • Fixed this to use an api in v0.8x of the Skinned Preferences plug-in (when i publically release it) to make sure the scrollbar of the plug-in pages in the Winamp preferences is correctly skinned (would not be skinned when using the alphabetical sorting of the plug-in lists with this)
  • Upgraded to 2.0 since there's nothing else i can think of doing with this now
  • Fixed some internal api implementations to provide better OS compatability
  • Implemented handling of the Winamp preferences window position being correctly restored after a plug-in uninstall/restart action (or anything which sends a IPC_RESTARTWINAMP api message and then causes the preferences to displayed on Winamp start up
  • This adds a global hotkey to toggle the three mode repeat (repeat none, repeat one and repeat all which is a default feature in the Winamp Modern skin but not easily done with Classic skins)
  • For classic skins if repeat and manual advance have been enabled (which will repeat just the current track) then either an asterisk (*) or a skinned button will be displayed (assuming the classic skin you're using has a repeatone.bmp present)
  • With modern skins, only the global hotkey will have any effect (assuming ofcourse that the Modern skin you are using is compatible with the three mode repeat as implemented in the modern skin support since Winamp 5.03 and up)
  • Updated the 5.04 language pack to 5.2x compatability and also provides a UK translation of the Winamp Modern Skin


  • Fixed a major memory bug with the 7z extraction (is safe now and will release it's memory asap)
  • Made the plug-in happy to work with DEP enabled


  • Fixed to use local time and not system time (UTC)


  • Added in the ability for the playback state and optionally the current winamp playlist &/or settings on a 1 second to 30 minutes (1800 second) timed interval


  • Fixed an incorrect usage of a Win32 api (the crash fix i hope at last)
  • Fixed ml_bkmk's handling of ml view pages to not break 3rd party pages anymore
  • Found a buffer init/overrun in the edit bookmark dialog (is this the cause of the comctl32.dll errors..? )
  • Reworked all handling for when the bookmark root is not the active ml page and a bookmark is added (completely messed things up before)
  • Adjusted all other areas of the plug-in to get data from the real files if any attempts to read from current views fail
  • Updated the load file/playlist option to accept a media library query in the form ?followed_by_the_query
    (to make sure this works in all cases enable the delay load option)


  • Added/updated a few of the language files people have sent me
  • Updated ini handling code to make sure the plug-in will work with Winamp v5.11+s multi-user support
  • Checked over the code and initialised a few missed variables
  • Merged the 'alt' build into the main build so now there's an option to "Force 'Start of list' to play the first track in the playlist even if shuffle is enabled" (there's been an 'alt' build since just after 1.85 was officially released and thought this might be useful mainstream)
  • Made the plug-in happy to work with DEP enabled


  • Fixed duplicate default button state on the edit bookmark dialog (pressing 'return/enter' will behave as expected now)
  • Slight code tweaks and adjustments to make it a bit easier to manage
  • Fixed a crash bug when opening the edit bookmark dialog (was using the wrong window handle for some reason)
  • Implemented an auto-categoriser based on the files genre (with option to query if no genre could be obtained)
  • Expanded the above to allow for querying album, artist, title, year and comment
  • See this thread for more information about this initial release
  • Made the plug-in happy to work with DEP enabled
  • Properly implemented the override handling of the 'Physically remove selected file(s)' feature in the playlist so it will now use this plug-ins code (if enabled) to remove the file(s). This will work with the pre 5.09 and 5.09+ methods Winamp provides (with pre 5.09 support removing Winamp's built in warning messages for the file removal and using what has been defined with this plug-in)
  • Made the above option (hopefully) correctly handle the removal of the currently playing playlist entry
  • No changes were made to the current language file support

15/01/2006 aka the Big DEP Fix-up

In order to keep the plug-in sizes down to as small as possible i've used a few compiler optimisations to do this care of the this header file. However with the introduction of XP SP2's Data Execution Prevention (Microsoft reference) there is an issue with one of the optimisations employed by AggressiveOptimize.h which means that any dll's built using it will not work when DEP is enabled for all programs and services (a silly thing to have enabled for everything in the first place i think).

So the effect of this issue is the forced re-build of the 27 plug-ins you see below (there's at least another 15+ i have to do but they can have other related updates made to them so that should be done over the next week or so).

  • Kill Predixis v1.1
    • Added removal of the [ml_xpdxs] section from Winamp.ini
    • Added removal of the 'Predixis MusicMagic' folder from the plug-in's folder


  • Added an extra hotkey to lower Winamp's volume to 10% and back if the volume is not altered otherwise it will lower the volume back to 10%


  • Fixed the main 'off' setting not being followed by a few of the playlist entry removal options
  • Fixed the reload playlist code to not cause the shuffle state of the current playlist to be changed when the first preferences page is viewed


  • Added in a fix for the detection of the available plug-ins so it will now handle ones that have the valid dll export but could not be loaded (found by Egg)


  • Fixed the preferences handling code to now allow correct 'tab' behaviour and removed flickering as the selected page was changed
  • Fixed handling of the plug-in's track advance to the next valid playlist entry when the 'Next On Stop' plug-in is installed and enabled
  • Updated the language file to v1.0 (see plfr_happy.ini for details)
  • Fixed a glitch with the incorrect enable/disable of the plug-ins preferences
  • A full version at bloody last, yay!!
  • Added resizing to the queue list dialog and also the time the undoable actions happened at
  • Added configurable option to allow the undo list to be preserved after Winamp has been closed
  • Added right click options to the undo list dialog to allow for quick clearing of the undo queue and to allow the selected entry to be saved to another playlist (may be useful)
  • Altered the backup playlists to be set to read-only (incase someone tries to overwrite them)
  • Added in two new event handlers which should catch most enqueue / external add / ml enqueue actions
  • Slight code tweaks/clean ups