Winamp Plug-in Releases (2007)

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  • Fixed obscure crash when opening the preferences of a second instance of winamp with this plug-in installed
  • Fixed to be localisation compatible in 5.5+ installs on certain areas
  • Updated documentation on the custom page removal dialog on the page ids, etc
  • Removed the remove 'Station Info' option in 5.5+ installs (as it's no longer there now thankfully)
  • Fixed media library and portable plug-ins not being correctly reported on localised installs


  • Made 5.34+ compatible and fixed some config dialog handling issues (could be opened multiple times)


  • Fixed random cases where having this installed would make Winamp go to full cpu usage
  • Slight tweakage of the wrapper about dialog to better match with 5.5+


  • Finished off 5.5+ support updates (now that it's out of the door)


  • Updated to support the newer WLZ format with 5.5+ (still reports the same info for pre-5.5 installs otherwise)
  • Added in reporting of the contents of the \plugins\gracenote folder (if present for Egg)
  • Fixed the report generation not always resetting the general prefs view correctly when returned to (probably a 5.5 only issue)


  • Added trap_auto.ini support when used with a compatible 5.5+ winamp language pack
  • Altered the prefer skin option to now respect Bento and Big Bento as one group
  • Better internal code handling of the skin menus


  • Code overhaul and generally better handling of the menus (was slightly buggy in obscure cases before and could sometimes not show all skins as per the preference options)
  • Added option to prefer the folder extracted version of Winamp Bento over Winamp Modern in the modern skin menu
  • Slightly tweaked the preferences layout


  • Added a rough workaround for when \n appears in %filename% in the atf string so it forces things to \N so there's no incorrect line breaks (was that or change all \ to a / but that's evil, hehe)
  • Fixed the tooltip text generation to work when the mouse was sometimes moving over the top of the tooltip (usually when moving the winshaded pledit and having just docked it to the bottom of the screen)
  • Fixed the tooltip not displaying again on second mouseover of the winshaded playlist editor - displays everytime you mouseover the winshaded pledit as was intended from the start with this mode (is how i like it)


  • Reworked the layout of the preferences to better fit with Winamp's preference styling (especially from 5.36+)
  • Made the preferences system dpi compatible when using anything higher than 96dpi (as per 5.36+ changes)
  • If you create a timerestore.ini file in the same location as winamp.ini, this will be used to save the plug-in's settings into instead of using winamp.ini (custom user option request)
  • Fixed up a few random issues with clean installs not always working correctly as expected (could start to play but leave winamp paused at 0:00 )
  • Adjusted clean install to start playback at winamp's current track rather than forcing to track zero (related to previous change)
  • Fixed ml query loads setting the title to the file's reported title so now makes winamp generate the title once added (or add use_atf=1 into the plug-in's ini section to make it generate the titles when added into the playlist - this way is slower on loading)
  • Added polish v1.5 translation file
  • Updated to use all of the correct apis based on different versions of winamp (works with 5.36+ now as long as the ml tree api isn't changed yet again...)
  • Fixed bug where rclick on the ml tree category items could still add tracks to the playlist even when no menu item was selected
  • Enabled drag & drop sorting in the bookmark root view now (sub-category views will be done in another version)
  • Code cleanup and duplication removal (including a rogue resource section accidentally added a few builds back)
  • Tweaked the handling of the main winamp bookmark menus to be slightly more compatible especially when having removed all of the bookmarks
  • Added compatability work around between this plug-in and ML Enqueue and Play (ml_enqplay) so that it'll work correctly with both installed (still requires a newer version of ml_enqplay that will follow)


  • Added in a file extension listing and the input plug-in that it's related to
  • Improved reporting of the playlist formats which winamp is supporting
  • Added a notification in the reports if your likely to have gone over the 260 char 'all supported' limit in the 'open files dialog'
  • Made some improvements to handling of some incorrectly behaving dlls when they are init()'d multiple times
  • Compatability fix when querying information on visualisation plug-ins


  • Allows you to control the shuffle state on closing and opening of Winamp (whichever you prefer)


  • Implemented as an alternative to the gen_tips plug-in (displays a tooltip showing information about the playlist item below the mouse)
  • Designed to work on all Winamp 5.x versions
  • Will show a fully unicode tooltip on supporting OSes and Winamp versions (currently requires Winamp 5.34+ for this)
  • Allows the ability for a tooltip title to be set (on supporting OSes) which is also ATF customisable as per the main tooltip text
  • Has the ability to show a tooltip for the current item when the playlist editor is in winshade mode (classic skins only)


  • Added an alternative 'single-click' mode that will not filter out double-click messages (requested by TsunamiZ)
  • Re-worked the click handler code to make it a lot simpler, cleaner and work better (i hope)
  • Updated the code to my current internal specs (makes it internally cleaner)
  • The 'bring to front' option is now no longer restricted to just the 'single-click' mode
  • Tweaked the layout of the config dialog to make it more consistant, etc


  • Updated the plug-in current common code (needed since this was otherwise 2 years out of date)
  • Fixed compatability with 5.34 for the taskbar showing ???? for unicode titles
  • Code cleanup and general maintainence improvements
  • Implemented a limit option for the menus (works with the other options)
  • Slightly tweaked the preferences layout / handling
  • I've probably forgotten some other things (since i removed a few of the potential new features that were ear-marked for this build ie enough to remove the need for the skin deleter plug-in)
  • Fixed the plug-in to hopefully not break JTFE's skinned scrollbars when this is enabled (switching it off on the fly with the JTF dialog open can cause the skinning of the scrollbar to stop until you reopen the JTF dialog - need to work that out still)


  • Fixed the plug-in to correctly ignore the 'Jump to file' dialog (the check before failed due to never JTFE builds/changes)
  • Removed unnecessary code from some areas of the handling
  • Reworked most of the handling (again) to improve the skinning hooking system (better checks against incorrect duplicate actions and just nicer code)
  • Fixed the issue where it could cause lots of flashing especially when looking at parts of the preferences (an internal api was being fired off incorrectly due to a invalid state variable)
  • Tweaked the handling of the display of the tab controls (should skin more off the tab background correctly now)
  • Reworked a few other areas to get better responsiveness/better implementation - works better on my clean and main / dev installs now
  • Fixed to allow enable / disable to work correctly on XP systems (only change from the initial 0.85 release)

15/03/2007 aka Why I Hate Unicode Part 2

And here's part two of the updates (that i managed todo tonight - too much work on all counts makes me code slowly). And does anyone else get a strange feeling of having been here before with mass updates? :)

13/03/2007 aka Why I Hate Unicode Part 1

The following updates offer no new functionality other than improved compatability with newer versions of Winamp (you'll see).


  • Added support for the newer JTFE colouriser api (not currently released)
  • Adjusted close handling (could occasionally cause Winamp some issues)
  • Added the ability to have a %inidir%\plxclude.ini created to store the exclusion list instead of all in %inidir%\winamp.ini (will convert to and from as needed on a valid Winamp exit if this option is changed)


  • See this thread for details


  • Reworked how the plug-in detects the opening of the preferences to now catch some of the more obscure situations (good ol' JTFE causing some of them, heh)


  • Changed the name from "Tray Tooltip" to "Notification Tooltip" (to better fit with UI guideline specs)
  • Fixed the handling of track positions when the track is over 60mins long
  • Added ability to show the track time in a number of different ways (Current position, Time remaining, Total length, Current position / Total length and Time remaining / Total length)
  • Altered the handling of the ratings mode to be consistant with the rest of the plug-in's preferences
  • Few other little tweaks to make the plug-in worthy of a 1.0 status (thanks to jph6t!!)
  • Added to the report the listing of the dlls in the root of the winamp folder (*.dll) and the currently loaded status of them
  • Improved handling of the winamp subclassing for newer and older winamp builds


  • Fixed the plug-in to work on XP now (i hope since testing has had mixed results)
  • Altered the way that the update whilst displayed option works to work better especially with XP
  • Added in better error handling if the required JTFE isn't present or anything else causes the main hooks to fail


  • Fixed the plug-in to work with Winamp 5.3+ (was broken by the unicode changes in 5.3+)
  • Now only works one NT based OSes (tested with Win2k/XP)
  • Added support for display of ratings (two display modes)
  • Added ability to not display the playlist position
  • Added experimental mode to allow for update of the notification icon text whilst it is displayed
  • Made sure the plug-in correctly displays files with ampersands in them - old code reformed the string but didn't use it
  • Code tweaks and optimisations over the older 0.2.5 version


  • Added to the report the listing of the system components (*.w5s) (they aren't counted in the main plug-in counts since they aren't the same as normal plug-ins - implemented mainly for tech support needs)


  • Added tag read support for %track% and %disc% (but do any sets use these?)
  • Implemented media library tag writing support for %artist%, %album% (game), %title%, %comment%, %track%, %disc%, %publisher% and %year% (mapped to copyright)
  • Cleaned up some of the code for a more efficient implementation


  • Will now work again on all Winamp versions - resolved the issues related to the unicode changes made to Winamp in 5.3+
  • Support added for %title% (Song Title), %album% (Game), %artist% (Artist), %comment% (Comments), %publisher% and %year% (mapped from the copyright value) read support via the media library interface
  • Adjusted the write metadata placeholders to not cause winamp to throw a unable to save error which prevents the changes just being added to the media library
  • Removed some unnecessary debug code
  • Fixes the SNESAmp dll to work in a multi-user setup correctly (with a fix in 0.2.2 to resolve an issue of no paths.ini being present)