Winamp Plug-in Releases (2008)

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Releases for: 
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  • Added option on the edit category dialog to allow for setting of the category for all of the selected items (may be a bit buggy - not really tested it out)
  • Adjusted about message text
  • Adjusted about message text
  • Adjusted about message text
  • Dialog state is now updated to reflect changes made to the playlist editor whilst it is open
  • Fixed the queue button not being disabled when there is an invalid track entered
  • Fixed issue with the dialog positioning code not working right (especially with new installs)
  • More information about how to use the plug-in on the config dialog
  • Config reflects available features based on installed plug-ins now


  • Non-functional change - codebase realignment + additions to about dialog information


  • Removed the 1024 entry limit (though will need to replace plexclude.ini for this to be of any real use + optimise plug-in speeds)
  • Added config option to allow you to specify the text colour for excluded items


  • Reworked how the plug-in generates the hotkey names (brings it back to a 4kb dll)
  • Added Send-to menu handlers for single files (need to work on playlist support eventually)
  • Fixed lockup issue when gen_ml isn't present
  • Internal reworking of things for future transfer listing support (since it still won't handle adding additional files to the existing transfer)
  • Fixed typos on config dialog and minor tweakage to it


  • Updated to work with client unicode changes from 5.5+


  • Updated handling for Winamp 5.54+ and localised DSP and Encoder plug-ins
  • Added a new input plug-in api compatability report
  • Added uninstall support so the plug-in can clean itself up when you use Winamp's built in uninstall option


  • Reworked where settings for the plug-in are saved (now undo.gul instead of in winamp.ini which will allow it to better cope with large undo queues)
  • Moved preferences to be a sub-page of the Playlist preferences page (is more appropriate there)
  • Fixed a unicode notification not being recognised which prevented some external enqueue actions not being undoable
  • General code clean up, tweakage and removal of excess processing in some areas
  • More to be done before a 1.0 but this is a good base to work on from 0.5.4 i think :)


  • Winamp 5.53+ compatability fix (ain't this getting tedious with compatability fixes??)


  • Details on changes to follow


  • Added in handling to override and show the 'Manual Playlist Advance' mode (either as a # or a image block from the repeatone.bmp file if it's been added)
  • Tweaked installer to provide some more information about the plug-in when installing
  • Minor code changes to make it use marginally less cpu when it's doing it's drawing overrides
  • Fixed the * and # indicators not being correctly centered over the repeat button (especially with double-size enabled)
  • Example file here (repeat one track on left and manual playlist advance on right with selected/pressed and pressed states [from top to bottom] )