Winamp Plug-in Releases (2012)

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  • Added initial support for exporting all smartviews (support for selecting specific smartviews will hopefully come later)
  • Added support to save the generated playlists using relative filepaths where applicable (default off - see preferences)
  • Fixed output of bookmark files including partial line breaks
  • Fixed file handling which improves speed when creating large files e.g. doing a full smartview dump
  • Fixed podcast downloads csv export not specifying the column headers correctly
  • Fixed database csv export to show the filesize in the correct size for the Winamp version (i.e. as kilobytes in Winamp 5.63)
  • Fixed podcast downloads csv export appending 'bytes' to all entries when only needed to be in the column header


  • Disabled 'Get album art' menu item as Winamp does not have a working artwork provider since the v5.63 release which also affects all previous Winamp versions (this item will be re-enabled if / when that changes)
  • Added better relative path handling when trying to open playlist entries (based on feedback received)
  • Fixed crash when opening the right-click menu in specific configurations and usage
  • Fixed enqueue and play item being enabled on the Podcast->Subscription->Episode menu when it was not applicable


  • Added option to right-align the album art in details mode as well as albumart positioning / sizing improvements in details mode
  • Added option to only show albumart found in details mode (will not show the not found image if it would otherwise be shown)
  • Added Windows App / Shift + F10 support for showing the options menu in the window
  • Changed the no album art image to be a 241 x 241 instead of 75 x 75
  • Changed details mode to revert to albumart only mode if there are no details to show e.g. for separators
  • Changed 'Open folder' to use the api_explorerfindfile so it will select the file (matches rest of Winamp now)
  • Fixed 'Open folder' to work with rsn playlist entries (now they can cope with album art)
  • Fixed slow resource leak when details mode was enabled
  • Fixed non-details mode being incorrectly refreshed on mouseover / clicking in window
  • Fixed changing of the Winamp's playlist editor / library window font not being followed (might give some layout quirks)
  • Fixed changing the option for following the current track vs currently playing not updating correctly


  • Fixed 'EQ: Decrease band 2' using the 'EQ: Increase band 2' string (does not change anything with localisation)


  • Added support to remember the 'File Info' window's position