Time Restore & Autoplay v2.5.4

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This plug-in allows Winamp to automatically start playing when it is run (useful if you want to listen to your files when your machine starts up). As well the plug-in can restore the play state and position of the track between uses of Winamp and a few other things (see the screenshots below).

With the position restore feature, if the track was at 4:25 when Winamp was closed, if the option is enabled then playback will be restarted at 4:25.
Depending on your Winamp setup, there may be slight glitch as the file position is moved to though the position will be correctly restored. This is related to the order that plug-ins are loaded by Winamp. The best solution is to ensure the Delay autoplay until all plug-ins are loaded option is checked.

An added bonus of the plug-in is the ability to run a query or load an external file / playlist when Winamp starts which is useful if you want to create a random playlist of rock music from your media library contents or anything else you can query the library for.

Thanks go to Stratyon, starwiz and Icegod for the help in getting to a great release build and to Electron2002 for without me trying to help, this plug-in would never have made it into the real world.

Download Time Restore & Autoplay v2.5.4

Below you can find the options the plug-in provides via its preferences under the Autoplay Options entry in Winamp's preference tree.

Plug-in Preferences page 1Plug-in Preferences page 2