OS Pos Restorer v2.11

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This plug-in aims to restore the operating system dialogs, Winamp preferences and other native Winamp plug-in dialogs positions where possible.

It also has the ability to save the selected filter in the open and save file dialogs (*) useful if you like to save playlists to m3u8 (Winamp will generally default to m3u in this scenario).

There's not too much else to say about this other than it saves me a lot of time not having to move open dialogs around the place (especially the main preferences dialog) when i've just got them in position i like.

(* Only for the ones created by the Winamp core currently i.e. does not handle ones from media library views)

Note: This plug-in is no longer available as all of it's functionality has been natively included in Winamp since v5.65 (due to my merging of the plug-in into the Winamp core since v5.64).