Winamp Plug-in Releases (2016)

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Here you can keep track of the latest plug-in releases for the majority of my plug-ins or just have a look back for older versions of the plug-ins (normally if you have an issue with a current version). You can also subscribe to an RSS feed of these updates if you don't want to check back all the time. Note: not all plug-ins will be listed here (though are included in the RSS feed) when they're not originally mine or are more specialist in nature.

So for Jump to File Extra plug-in updates you should go here >> Jump to File Extra (JTFE) Development (Last Update: 16/12/2013)

For Game Audio related plug-in updates go here >> Game Audio Bits n Bobs

For anything else you cannot find, have a look through the complete plug-in list or email me and i'll try to direct you to the plug-in or maybe even make one. Don't forget if you like the plug-ins / find them useful then make a donation to show it and it lets me know people are actually using them


  • Improved quality of artwork scaling so images should look better to the eye
  • Changed to use some 5.66+ specific API to save on code duplication
  • Changed when settings are saved to only happen if something changed
  • Re-saved the notfound.png image to get a ~60% saving with no quality loss
  • Changed when some aspects are done from initial loading to later on to reduce overall loading time