Winamp Version History (W.I.P.)

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Here you can find a list of the Winamp versions starting from version 2.9 up to the current release.

This is a work in progress and so there are some gaps, the layout is naff and some of the information may not be 100% correct (especially with the first draft uploaded on 21st November 2014 which was mainly to get the release thread links which was the biggest issue to getting the correct information about the releases).

Winamp ReleaseRelease DateDays PassedNotes and Misc. Info
2.902/04/030forum thread
2.9118/04/0316forum thread
2.9212/06/0355leaked beta
2.9526/06/0314leaked beta
5.0 Beta 113/10/03109forum thread + details on the alpha releases
5.0 Beta 223/10/0310forum thread
5.0 RC 66611/12/0349forum thread
5.014/12/033forum thread
5.0119/12/035forum thread
5.0204/02/0447forum thread
5.0324/03/0449forum thread
5.0428/07/04126forum thread
5.0527/08/0430forum thread
5.0618/11/0483forum thread
5.0702/12/0414forum thread
5.08c10/01/05?forum thread
5.08d28/01/0518forum thread
5.08e22/02/0525forum thread
5.0904/05/0571forum thread
forum thread
5.09316/06/0521forum thread
5.09418/07/0532forum thread
5.101/09/0545forum thread
5.1120/10/0549forum thread
5.11126/10/056forum thread
5.1212/12/0547forum thread
5.1330/01/0649forum thread
5.2 Beta24/01/06-6forum thread
5.221/02/0628forum thread
5.2110/05/0678forum thread
5.2225/05/0615forum thread
5.23 Beta 66606/06/0612forum thread
5.2308/06/062forum thread
5.2421/06/0613forum thread
5.25 Beta 80107/08/0647forum thread & other 5.25 Beta releases
5.25 Beta 81211/08/064forum thread
5.25 Beta 82515/08/064forum thread
5.25 Beta 83418/08/063forum thread
5.25 Beta 84322/08/064forum thread
5.25 Beta 85728/08/066forum thread
5.25 Beta 86801/09/064forum thread
5.325/09/0624forum thread
5.3124/10/0629forum thread
5.3221/11/0628forum thread
5.33 Beta 107905/02/0776forum thread
5.3313/02/078forum thread
5.34 Beta 115513/03/0728forum thread
5.34 Beta 117816/03/073forum thread
5.34 Beta 119520/03/074forum thread
5.34 Beta 123905/04/0716forum thread
5.3420/04/0715forum thread
5.34a03/05/0713forum thread Security patch
5.3510/05/077forum thread
5.36 Beta #1??
5.36 Beta #221/08/07?forum thread
5.5 Beta #110/09/0720forum thread
5.5 Beta #220/09/0710forum thread
5.5 Beta #301/10/0711forum thread
5.509/10/078forum thread
5.51 Beta 174103/12/0755forum thread
5.5119/12/0716forum thread
5.5215/01/0827forum thread
5.53 Beta 189818/03/0863forum thread
5.5327/03/089forum thread
5.53101/04/085forum thread
5.54 Beta 212401/07/0891forum thread
5.5408/07/087forum thread
5.54104/08/0827forum thread
5.5 Beta 234514/01/09163forum thread
5.5 Beta 235328/01/0914forum thread
5.5527/02/0930forum thread
5.55109/03/0910forum thread
5.55222/04/0944forum thread
5.5602/07/0971forum thread
5.57 Beta 276507/12/09158forum thread
5.5715/12/098forum thread
5.57121/12/096forum thread
5.57213/01/1023forum thread
5.5829/06/10167forum thread - there was also an initial build on 26/06/10
5.58112/07/1013forum thread
5.59 Beta 303308/10/1088forum thread
5.627/11/1050forum thread
5.60109/12/1012forum thread - there was an initial build on 07/12/10
5.6122/03/11103forum thread - there was an initial build on 17/03/11
5.6230/06/11100forum thread
5.62111/07/1111forum thread
5.62226/11/11138forum thread
5.62309/12/1113forum thread
5.6328/06/12202forum thread - there was an initial build on 20/06/12
5.6419/06/13356forum thread
5.6524/07/1335forum thread
5.66 Build 350720/11/13119forum thread
5.666 Build 351025/11/135forum thread
5.666 Build 351226/11/131forum thread
5.666 Build 351612/12/1316forum thread
still waiting ...