Find File on Disk v3.0.4

(Was) Part of the Winamp Essentials Pack
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Find File on Disk Menu

This is a simple plug-in that adds to the playlist editor a useful feature from the media library which allows you to open a Windows Explorer window showing where the selected file(s) are stored.

The plug-in adds an entry to the bottom of the playlist editor's right-click menu or you can use the 'Ctrl+F' shortcut in the playlist window or the global hotkey action it adds to Winamp's global hotkeys plug-in.

To enable the hotkey you need to go to the Global Hotkeys section in the Winamp preferences, find the General: Find current file on disk entry in the drop down list, set it to keyboard action you need and that's it.

Note: This plug-in is no longer available as all of it's functionality has been natively included in Winamp since v5.64 (due to my merging of the plug-in into the Winamp core).