Yar-matey! Playlist Copier

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Here you can find my modified versions of Yar-matey! Playlist Copier which was originally developed by bCheckNet.

Patches to this plug-in have been made to allow for the plug-in to work correctly with newer Winamp clients (now only supporting Winamp v5.64 and higher due to api usage and since there's no real need to use old and unsupported client versions).

If you do come across an issue then you can either contact me or post in this thread which has followed my patched versions of the plug-in.

  • Changed the plug-in to only work on Winamp 5.64 and higher due to plug-in API changes
  • Fixed a number of potential crash and memory issues as part of a general code review
  • Fixed Alt+C (and alternative Alt+R) keyboard shortcuts not working correctly in all cases
  • Fixes bottom part of dialog via Alt+C (or Alt+R) command to use the MS Shell Dlg style (to better match rest of the Winamp UI)
  • Alt+C accelerator now works again (requires 5.53+ client to run on) and there's a Alt+R alternative when using a Bento/Sui based skin if Alt+C doesn't work
  • Now is localised (with included example .lng file)
  • Moved the plug-in over to being a unicode build which allows for better handling of unicode media
  • Now allows for m3u8 playlists to be created
  • The save file dialog now uses a newer style dialog (think it's the XP one in-place of the Win95 one before)
  • Altered the positioning of the main menu item so it works better with other plug-ins and is more in keeping with Winamp's ui (i hope)
  • Altered subclassing code to make it compatible with 5.34+ clients and higher
  • Fixed the plug-in not working with Winamp's multi-user settings support