Skin Manager v1.03

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The aim of this plug-in is to make it easier to manage your installed skins. With the plug-in installed you can place classic and modern skins into their own submenus in the main skins menu (from the Skins In Submenu plug-in) to being able to filter the installed skins when searching for skins in the preferences.

The related forum thread for this plug-in is here.

Download Skin Manager v1.03

This shows the submenu filtering for the different skins (what was the Skins In Submenu functionality) though there is additional control on how they are handled (see below).

Skins In Submenu

The following screenshots show the plug-in and the modifications it makes to the Winamp skins preferences page along with the additional right-click options for skin entries allowing you to generate a preview (classic skins only) or to rename the skin to a more consistant naming pattern.

Skins page

Skins page right-click menu

When previewing a modern skin, it will try to show the preview of the selected skin from an associated screenshot image for the skin which you can double-click the image to see a full-sized version (the screenshot is normally scaled down to fit in the preview area).

Here you can see the preferences for the plug-in which allows you to control how the submenus are adjusted from the number of items in a block to how many of a skin type to show.

Skin Manager preferences