Winamp Unicode Taskbar Fix v3.6

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If you've not experienced issues with the display of unicode text in your Windows taskbar then you probably do not need to install this. However if you have e.g. with ml_ipod installed then get installing to get your unicode taskbar text back!

Download Unicode Taskbar Fix v3.6

Note: Only for Winamp 5.66 and up

Before and after installing

The aim of this plugin is to fix older and unsupported plugins which have or cannot be updated to directly to support Winamp 5.34 and higher's support of unicode text in in Window's taskbar. By fixing this, it will also mean your Winamp notification icon tooltip will appear in unicode as well.

Once installed there is nothing else to do as this will check plugins Winamp attempts to load and will transparently fix them as required.

For those interested, this will change any calls to the SetWindowLongA(..) api with GWL_WNDPROC as a parameter to the corresponding SetWindowLongW(..) api call when used to subclass the main Winamp window thus making it work nicely.