Playlist Separator v2.6.4

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This plug-in allows custom separators to be inserted into your playlist to split sections or to add in stopping points when reached along with a plethora of other options.

As can be seen from the screenshots of the playlist editor menu options (to the right) and the preferences page (bottom of the page), it is possible to create a number of separator presets as well as being able to highlight the separators so they stand out (see the notes).

The Winamp forum thread related to this plug-in can be found here.

Playlist editor menu options

This shows the separator options available on the playlist editor right-click menu.

Download Playlist Separator v2.6.4

Configuration page


1) For the colouring options to work, the Jump to File Extra (JTFE) plug-in is required as it provides the colouriser api. If the api is not found then the colouring options will be disabled.

The colouriser api changed with v1.2 of the JTFE plug-in so you will need Playlist Separator v2.6.3 or higher.

2) It is not possible to directly remove the playlist number from the playlist editor display and have each album sequentially numbered by this plug-in to make each separator block appear contained.

It can be done if you disable Winamp's displaying of the playlist item number and adding the track number into Winamp's standard ATF string (assuming your files have the required track metadata stored in them).